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Astrology Consultation + Counselling

I currently have two distinct paths to choose from in my life, one of them that I am more drawn to than the other, but that path is also the one that scares me. Kim helped me to sit with the fear and reassured me that I can break through it in future. In fact, I realised, with Kim’s help, there is nothing to even be afraid of!

Kim delivered the session by Skype with gentleness, warmth and from a place of service. It was obvious that she ‘knew her stuff’ and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute! I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Melanie Earl

Manifestation coach/medium, Melbourne, Australia


Astrology Consultation + Counselling

The Skype sessions I had with Kim can only be described as transformational. She helped to reframe some of the confusing emotions that I experienced, and her insights allowed me to see where some of my blind spots were, and how to work through them.

I would gladly recommend Kim to anyone seeking answers, especially someone who knows that the path of discovery lies within, and who would like to be gently and lovingly guided there to emerge a more complete version of themselves.

Tasha Erker

Massage therapist, Hobart, Australia


Focused Divination

Wow, this is a lot to digest. How many times can one say thank you? Once more… thank you. What a web we weave, hey? As always your delivery is non-judgmental, clear and concise. It is rather soul cleansing. The transit timing is so welcomed; thank you for mixing it up.

Cheryl Smith

Solum Farm, Mororo, Australia



I recently did the online course offered by Kim Fairminer. Divine Spark: Astrology for Beginners. I like to express my gratitude for this great course. I learned a lot, more than I hoped for. The course is well structured and explained. Even though there were times in the middle of the course, when I thought will I ever understand all this?! In the end it all made sense and fell back together.
I highly recommend this online course with Kim Fairminer to anyone interested to learn the basics of Astrology or deepen their knowledge. Thank you, Kim.

Maria Steiner

Yoga teacher, Ipswich, Australia



Recently I attended the Jupiter workshop, I was in a stagnant place questioning where I should take my business and personal spiritual practice. The invitation to an astrological circle came up and it all just fit like divine intervention. For me it gave me the clarification I needed to take the next steps.
These workshops really do support the deep dive into really knowing your chart and how the planets are contributing to your souls purpose. Highly recommend these circles with Kim.

Zora Arthur

Serpentine Moon, Brisbane, Australia


Workshop + Course

I did the 2019 Astrological Workshop at the beginning of this year – AMAZING. I also recently completed her 6 week Intro to Astrology course – WOW. Kim is refreshing, real and a Rockstar when it comes to Astrology. She explains concepts in a way that anyone can understand and takes the time to answer heaps of questions. She laughed at my jokes, listened patiently to my anecdotes and has a genuine warmth and sense of humour that you really connect with. She makes learning astrology fun! I absolutely recommend her if you’re after insight on your astrological make-up. I can’t wait for the 2020 Astro workshop. Or maybe I can. Kim doesn’t sugarcoat. Love your work!

Nicole George

Brisbane, Australia


Workshop + Course

Kim provides clear and enlightened information regarding astrology, in a playful and transparent manner. I look forward to Kim’s updates, and thoroughly enjoyed a recent astrology course Kim facilitated.
I have attended several of Kim’s workshops over the years and have always found them to be informative, engaging and hugely beneficial in understanding astrological events. Most recently I experienced a one on one personal consultation of my natal chart and the upcoming events for 2021. Forewarned is forearmed, being able to understand key dates and influences has been monumentally helpful in planning my next steps. I also gained an insight into how past experiences have shaped my responses. I would highly recommend Kim’s services to shine a light on personal development and insights. Thanks Kim!

Meagan Waithe

Ipswich, Australia


Astrology Consultation

I recently had the beautiful experience of a full astrology reading with Kim. Her readings are concise and presented in an easy to follow and empathetic format giving very clear guidance over the up coming 12 months. Sessions with Kim are highly recommended and given the work and energy she puts in creating your chart are very good value for money.

Kerry Coy

Brisbane, Australia



Kim facilitates wonderful sessions and I always leave feeling like I have been empowered to take responsibility for my emotions, like I have the knowledge to facilitate my own journey back to my authentic self, like I am in control of my thoughts, emotions and responses to events and situations taking place around me.

Thank you, Kim, for providing me with the opportunity to remember that I have the tools I need to come home to me. It’s nice to have you hold my hand, guide me and make me feel safe and supported while I do it though. Sometimes the therapist needs that support and I appreciate having you not far away when I need it.

Deborah Miles

Mindful Living Matters, Brisbane, Australia