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    Solar Eclipse in Cancer – June 2020

    Whether you live in the northern or southern hemisphere, the solstice is a time of extreme light or extreme shadow. For me, on the subtropical east coast of Australia, the Sun’s ingress into the sign of Cancer marks the depths of a (mild) winter. If you live close the...

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    Solar Eclipse in Cancer – July 2019

    July’s new moon at 10° Cancer is also a super-charged solar eclipse. Wherever this eclipse falls in your chart, a larger solar-lunar cycle is beginning anew. Rather than the regular four-weeks of a regular lunar cycle, the effects of this July’s solar eclipse will last for months (and possibly...

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    What does Uranus in Taurus mean?

    What does Uranus in Taurus mean? Uranus, by nature, defies prediction so what can we expect surprise-packet Uranus to bring to the serene sign of Taurus? Uranus in Taurus Predictions and Trends Uranus breaks to breakthrough. Taurus is a Venus-ruled Earth sign so the revolution comes to the material...

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