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Bespoke spell consultation (45 mins)

Kim Fairminer > Bespoke spell consultation (45 mins)

Are you ready for a relationship? Do you want to manifest abundance?
Have you got your eye on a cherished goal?

Boost your chances of success by calling in supernatural support for your earthly efforts!

A bespoke spell can help you:

  • Attract a loving relationship
  • Increase your flow of abundance
  • Be successful at work
  • Find your perfect home
  • Let go of limitations – and more!

These aren’t generic spells you can find in a book or search for on the web.

During the consultation process, we dive into the specifics of your situation and connect with your spiritual support team and available resources. We then delve into your personal symbolic associations and co-create a magical working that plugs directly into the energy you need to accomplish your goals.

This consultation is where it all starts; where you take it is up to you.

What do you get?
1. Personalised online consultation to explore your needs
2. Clarification of your intent or goal
3. Collaborative development of your spell
4. Instructions to do the spell later on your own
5. After-spell debrief.

How much does it cost?
$156 (Australian dollars, approx 106 USD)

If you’d like to arrange payment in cryptocurrency, please contact me.

Purchasing confirms that you agree to these Terms+Conditions.

What if you need extra help?

I don’t do the spell on your behalf. Your spell needs your energy.

Various optional add-on services can be negotiated during the consultation, such as sourcing ingredients, divination, or personalised astrological timing, depending on your specific needs.

How does it work?
1. Click ‘Schedule Appointment’ below.
2. Choose your appointment time.
3. We meet online for 45 mins to co-create your bespoke spell.
4. I send you ‘the recipe’ and you work your magic.
5. I’m available for guidance and support by email throughout the process.

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All the answers you seek are within you.