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Focused Divination (Horary)

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If you have a specific question and require a clear answer, this horary consultation is for you.

Horary astrology offers a specific answer to a specific question – as well as providing insightful details about the issue and describe how to steer the situation in the optimal direction.

A horary astrology consultation can help with:
• Relationships, e.g. ‘Is he cheating on me?’
• Career, e.g. ‘Will I get the promotion?’
• Real estate, e.g. ‘When will I sell the house?’
• Legal matters, e.g ‘Will I win the court case?’
• Dreams, e.g. ‘What does my dream mean?’

Generally, ‘yes/no’, ‘where’, and ‘when’ questions are the most suitable. I will help you formulate the most helpful question, if you are unsure.

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How much does it cost?
$75 (Australian dollars)

If you’d like to arrange payment in cryptocurrency, please contact me.

What do you get?
A clear horary judgement delivered in a 30-min online consultation for clarity and counsel.

How does it work?
1. You say ‘I need to know’ and click ‘Schedule Appointment’ below.
2. You book your Zoom consultation.
3. We meet online and find the answer to your question.

Bundle of 3 horary sessions also available.



All the answers you seek are within you.