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Focused Divination

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When you need answers fast but your own vision is clouded, ask for help. If you have a specific question, that requires a clear answer, Focused Divination is for you.

This express reading is a divined response to one question or an exploration of symbols in one dream.

Focused Divination can answer a specific question about:
• your significant relationship (e.g. Is he cheating on me?)
• your career (e.g. Will I get the promotion?)
• your home life (e.g. Is it time to move house?)
• your dream (e.g. What does my dream mean?)

I can help you formulate the right question, if you are unsure.

How much does it cost?
$50 AUD

What do you get?
Twenty punchy minutes of divinatory goodness that accurately answers your question.

How does it work?
1. You say ‘I need to know’ and click ‘Pay + Book’ below.
2. You choose your time slot and preferred communication app.
3. We connect by voice or chat and I answer your question.

Due to some exciting projects – both personal and professional – consultation times are currently limited. Available bookings will be offered first to my waitlist before being released publically.

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All the answers you seek are within you.