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Moon Magic for Modern Witches


Enhance your life with the power of the moon


Do you want to use the power of the moon to enhance your life?

This self-paced course is perfect for beginner and intermediate practitioners of the craft who want to enrich their understanding of lunar magic.

Moon Magic for Modern Witches gives you the astrological knowledge you need to understand the mysteries of the moon and her monthly cycle:

  • You’ll learn about the phases of the moon and how effective timing can amplify the success of your activities, both magical and mundane.
  • You’ll discover your natal lunar phase and what that says about your manifestation style.
  • You’ll create your very own personalised new moon calendar based on your individual natal chart.

It’s going to be a magical!

Lesson 1 – Key Astrological Concepts
Lesson 2 – Fundamental Phases
Lesson 3 – The Magical Moon
Lesson 4 – Creating Your Personal New Moon Calendar

What you get:

  • Expert esoteric teaching and guidance
  • Lessons taught by short videos, notes + activities
  • Rich online discussion to support your learning
  • A copy of your natal chart, of course.


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