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Kim Fairminer > VIRGO


Mixing a little pleasure into business will help your career connections.

Keep your nose to the grindstone though.

Any recognition is likely to be superficial but perhaps it’ll bear fruit in the form of a pay rise way down the track.

There are glimmers of life in your pleasure sector.

You may become obsessed with a new hobby and feed a deep creative need.

New plans to expand your world emerge with the new moon.

Whether it’s travel or study goals you have set your sights on, follow the road less travelled or involve technology in some way.


Venus into Gemini
3 April, Career schmoozing

Jupiter conjunct Pluto 24 Capricorn
5 April, Creative pulse

Full moon 19 Libra
8 April, Money moon

Venus enter retrograde shadow
10 April, Harmonious ambitions

Mercury into Aries
11 April, Bean counting

Sun into Taurus
19 April, International energy

New moon 4 Taurus
23 April, Adventure sparks

Pluto retrograde starts 24 Capricorn
25 April, Creative intensity

Sun conjunct Uranus 7 Taurus
26 April, Surprise adventure

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