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Kim Fairminer > VIRGO


Relationships are in the spotlight at the start of the month as the full moon highlights your partnership sector. This full moon has ease, innovation, and release in mind. What you let go of at this time creates a tangible sense of freedom and sense of discovery. Tune into your own needs and give your partner the same space to experiment.

From 6 September, you’ll be slightly less social as a Venus comes out of your friendships sector and seeks pleasure in your inner realms, rather than through social connection. The same day your ruling planet, Mercury, moves out of your sign and into Libra. Your attention turns from self-expression to acquiring beautiful things and creating budget harmony.

The financial focus tightens as Mars stations retrograde in your long-term financial sector. You need to find a balance between what satisfies your immediate needs and is also fulfilling in the long-term. Some creative pruning may be necessary. Hobbies and children’s activities are up for assessment.

The tension in your pleasure sector asks unfun questions but likely to produce sleek and streamlined results over time. There is a sweet spot as Jupiter stations direct on the 13th unlocking commitments that you have worked towards since May. Unfortunately, by the end of the month, Saturn’s station square to retrograde Mars means any pleasure comes laced with guilt and frustration.

The new moon on the 17th generates new ideas and create small openings where you can rebuild new foundations for meaningful growth experiences. As this new moon falls between eclipse seasons, this will likely require a clear choice on a work/life balance dilemma. A small change could bear joyful fruit.

In the last week of September, your buddy Mercury covers the final degrees of Libra in the retrograde shadow before moving into Scorpio. This gives you extra juice for expressing yourself in precise and powerful ways. While it may look like it, it’s not currently an ‘all or nothing’ situation as these conversations will be reviewed during the upcoming Mercury retrograde. Yep, Mercury retrograde is coming.


Venus in Leo keeps you cheerful and Jupiter moving forward in Cap is better than nothing. Mars retrograde in Aries sees frustration peaking late in the month.

2 Sep  –  Full moon in Pisces

6 Sep –  Mercury into Libra + Venus into Leo

10 Sep  –  Mars stations retrograde

13 Sep  –  Jupiter stations direct

17 Sep  –  New moon in Virgo

23 Sep  –  Mercury enters shadow phase

27 Sep –  Mercury into Scorpio

30 Sep –  Saturn retrograde ends

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