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The material world you are most familiar with is slippery and strange at the start of April. Draw comfort and strength from your spiritual allies and don’t try to pin down the specifics.

A new way of relating to the unseen world is born with the new moon and indirectly informs a shift in your philosophical framework.

This changed relationship with the Gods helps you get back to the business of succeeding in the earthly realm.

There’s a good deal to be made midmonth.

With your birthday imminent, gather your nearest and dearest for some unspoken conversations.

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April is dark and broody with some cute twists. Be ready for a few surprises. Happy birthday to courageous Aries and sensual Taurus.

4 Mercury into Aries

12 New moon in Aries

15 Venus into Taurus

19 Mercury into Taurus

20 Sun into Taurus

23 Mars into Cancer

27 Full moon in Scorpio

28 Pluto retrograde starts in Capricorn

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