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Kim Fairminer > TAURUS


Domestic life or shifts in your inner psyche, pushes your life direction and career buttons all over again.

Surely you’re used to it by now?

The New Moon at the base of your chart helps you set a fresh foundation that is authentically you.

Expressing this new you could ruffle a few feathers midmonth, not that it’s going to worry you much.

You do you, sweet bull.

The Full Moon brings a sense of achievement around your career and public life; after which you turn your attention to pleasure and creativity.

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AUGUST settles down after the mayhem of the first week, but keep an eye out for the surprise plot twist.

Happy birthday to expressive Leos and discerning Virgos.

2 Sun/Mercury opp Saturn

4–7 Sun + Mercury sq Uranus

8 New Moon in Leo

12 Mercury into Virgo

16 Venus into Libra

19 Mercury cjn Mars

20 Uranus retrograde begins

22 Full Moon in Aquarius

23 Sun into Virgo

30 Mercury into Libra

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