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Kim Fairminer > TAURUS


Partnerships of all kinds have been compelling for a few weeks.

The intensity lifts after the new moon.

Really, there’s only so much you can do.

While the drama may continue, at the very least you reconnect with your dark, dry sense of humour.

Your daily routine – and your pets – is an area of heightened activity this month.

You know it could use some tweaks.

A walk around the block is as good for your mental health as it is for Fido’s waistline – and vice versa.

Be a public influencer by implementing a healthier work/life balance.

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Happy birthday to our diplomatic Librans and penetrating Scorpios.

Watch for social faux pas with Mercury retrograde in Libra. Reversals of fortune as several planets end retrograde cycles before we plunge into Scorpio season.

New Moon in Libra                6 Oct

Pluto retrograde ends          7 Oct

Venus into Sagittarius          7 Oct

Sun conjunct Mars                8 Oct

Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury   10 Oct

Mercury conjunct Mars         10 Oct

Discover Your Planets starts     11 Oct

Saturn retrograde ends       11 Oct

Jupiter retrograde ends      18 Oct

Mercury retrograde ends    19 Oct

Full Moon in Aries                  21 Oct

Sun into Scorpio                    23 Oct

Mars into Scorpio                  31 Oct

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