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Kim Fairminer > TAURUS


May begins with a bang in the form of a solar eclipse in your sign.

Imagine being blissfully asleep (maybe having a sexy dream with your hall-pass celebrity) and a shelf full of pots and pans collapses in your kitchen.

Except it’s your life, not just some cabinetry.


Whatever major life change you’ve been ignoring (or actively resisting) is the likely focal point of this unannounced cosmic renovation.

Being the stubborn, comfort-loving bull you are, you’re not just gonna roll over and let the Gods have their way on this – but you probably should…

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Eclipse season has you uncomfortably situated between a fabulous idea and having to summon the energy to make it happen.

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1 May Solar eclipse in Taurus

3 May Venus > Aries

10 May Mercury retrograde begins

11 May Jupiter > Aries

16 May Lunar eclipse in Scorpio

21 May Sun > Gemini

23 May Mercury retrograde > Taurus

25 May Mars > Aries

29 May Venus > Taurus

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