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Kim Fairminer > TAURUS


If you haven’t planned a trip to a luxurious location for summer, what are you waiting for?

Venus in Capricorn from 10th Dec, that’s what.

Your boss babe planet is all about escape until early Jan, which is when she ditches the glamping gear and suits up for work.

You’ll hit the professional ground running in 2023 and get a head start up the career ladder.

Before then though, you’ll be rethinking your seasonal spending on early December’s full moon.

Sensible saving is likely to be your money motto.

Late January could see you unleash some changes you’ve been sitting on for a while, which may play out as a new direction at work or a serious upgrade to your public image.

It’s likely to be a positive shift, the kind that calls for popping champagne corks with friends.

Pencil a celebration in for the Australia Day long weekend.

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4-Dec-22 Neptune retrograde ends

7-Dec-22 Mercury > Capricorn

7-Dec- 22 Full Moon in Gemini

10-Dec-22 Venus into Capricorn

21-Dec-22 Jupiter > Aries

22-Dec-22 Sun > Capricorn

22-Dec-22 New Moon in Capricorn

29-Dec-22 Mercury retrograde starts


1-Jan-23 Venus Cnj Pluto

3-Jan-23 Venus > Aquarius

6-Jan-23 Full Moon in Cancer

7-Jan-23 Sun cnj Mercury

13-Jan-23 Mars retrograde ends

18-Jan-23 Mercury retrograde ends

19-Jan-23 Sun cnj Pluto

20-Jan-23 Sun > Aquarius

21-Jan-23 New Moon in Aquarius

23-Jan-23 Venus cnj Saturn

23-Jan-23 Uranus retrograde ends

27-Jan-23 Venus > Pisces