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If you milked the celebratory cow a little too much during your birthday season, the chickens come home to roost in June.

And while we’re playing in the barnyard, if counted chicks failed to hatch, the Full Moon is likely to reveal how your financial horse bolted.

With Jupiter in your sign, you do still have one hand on the reins but also an increased tendency to indulge in pleasures of the flesh.

Use your cerebral power to generate an innovative solution.

Entertaining at home may be a way to sate your desires without breaking the bank.

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4 Jun     Full Moon in Sagittarius

5 Jun     Mercury conjoins Uranus

5 Jun     Venus > Leo

11 Jun    Pluto retrograde > Capricorn

11 Jun    Mercury > Gemini

18 Jun    Saturn retrograde starts

18 Jun    New Moon in Gemini

22 Jun    Sun > Cancer

27 Jun    Mercury > Cancer