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Kim Fairminer > TAURUS


Your travel and study aspirations show signs of life but will take time to gain momentum.

For now though, throw yourself into work and make some quick coin to pay for all these distant plans.

Your personal new moon helps you focus on what you want for YOU.

If you’ve been wanting to make some changes for a while, jump onto this new moon and get the ball rolling.

It could be as simple as changing your hair style or wearing more colour.

Some Tauruses will be ready to make a big leap, particularly around career.


Venus into Gemini
3 April, Attracting money

Jupiter conjunct Pluto 24 Capricorn
5 April, Big cosmic plans

Full moon 19 Libra
8 April, Duties + responsibilities peak

Venus enter retrograde shadow
10 April, Financial do-over ahead

Mercury into Aries
11 April, Subconscious thoughts

Sun into Taurus
19 April, Your time to shine

New moon 4 Taurus
23 April, Physical replenishment

Pluto retrograde starts 24 Capricorn
25 April, Obsessed with beyond

Sun conjunct Uranus 7 Taurus
26 April, Wake up!

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