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December opens with aftershocks of the lunar eclipse in your financial sector. Hidden values have come to the fore and cannot be unseen. Use your newfound conscious awareness of your spending and earning patterns to make the necessary changes. Consider seeking professional financial advice. Don’t bother surveying your friends for their opinion on the matter.

The main event though is the solar eclipse also triggering your financial axis – eclipses are fun like that. This eclipse, in mid-December, sees you surrendering your desires for Right might have start doing something else was so hot right half and hour more them out here taboo intimacy money. Or perhaps you surrendering to those desires? Someone else is involved for sure, but it’s still up to you.

Your ruling planet, Venus, dives straight into that same sector of your chart (Sagittarius) immediately after the eclipse, so these same questions of sharing and trust soon become all-consuming and a key driver of your decisions. Be cautious about giving your power and freedom away.

Circle the 21st Dec in your calendar and set some epic new career goals. Why? Because that’s when Jupiter and Saturn begin a new cycle in this most visible area of your chart. So if you’ve been thinking about making a career pivot, taking on a leadership role, or pursuing a sustainable plan for success, this is the very beginning.

While all that sounds great, it’s not all smooth sailing. There’s an ongoing clashing in 2021 between your career aspirations and new responsibilities versus what you want for yourself. You must honour the need for freedom and authenticity is much as you honour your ambition.

The full moon on New Year’s Eve helps you clarify your thoughts on this and a range of other matters that have niggled for some time. You don’t think the way you used to and this new approach has been disconcerting to your peers and people from your past, who were used to relying on an old version of you. There are others though that fully accept the upgraded version of yourself; revel in that sense of belonging.

By the second week of January you will be ready to get the 2021 party started as Mars comes into your sign on 7 January. You’re fired up and ready to launch. If you’ve set years resolutions for personal projects, exercise and appearance, this high-energy transit helps you get started with enthusiasm. Pace yourself though.

Tying these goals in with a special trip or a course of study is supported by Venus’s move into Capricorn on the 9th Jan. There’s a gentle curiosity now available that can offer clarity about your belief systems and aspirations. It also provides a slower, more grounded understanding of your place in the world, particularly in relation to all the upheaval that occurred in 2020.

Echoing that sense of resolution is the new moon in Capricorn on 13 January, which marks an absolute end and a new beginning. Leave the beliefs and insular practices behind you, realising that this baggage will only weigh you down as you move forward. Soak up all that you have learned and build yourself beautiful new structures of belief to support your growth and aspirations for the future.

Agility and assertiveness are emphasised on 21 January. Some Taureans will make a major decision on this day that seems somewhat rash and impulsive; however it is driven by a need for independence, freedom, and authenticity. Be ready to say ‘yes’ to yourself.

Late January throws up some sudden shadow material for your perusal. It may be a family matter or your home environment that is triggered by the Leo full moon. Your beliefs about the terms of a supposedly supportive relationship come under the spotlight and unearth a whole lot about who you are and where you’ve come from.

Love reading your horoscope? This content will soon be members only. Become a subscriber to keep the goodies coming in 2021.


Love reading your horoscope? This content will soon be members only. Become a subscriber now to keep the goodies coming in 2021.

A change is as good as a holiday and we all need one after the rollercoaster ride of 2020. The solar eclipse and Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December wipes the slate clean and prepares you for fresh adventures in 2021. A surprise-packed January sets the scene for the year ahead.

2 Dec  – Mercury into Sagittarius

15 Dec – Solar eclipse, 23° Sagittarius

16 Dec – Venus into Sagittarius

17 Dec – Saturn into Aquarius (with the moon)

19 Dec – Jupiter into Aquarius

21 Dec – Mercury into Capricorn

22 Dec  – Jupiter conjunct Saturn, 0° Aqu (also solstice)

30 Dec – Full moon, 9° Cancer

5 Jan – Mercury conjunct Pluto

7 Jan – Mars into Taurus

8 Jan – Mercury into Aquarius

9 Jan – Venus into Capricorn

10 Jan – Mercury conjunct Saturn

10 Jan – 2021 Astrological Preview + Plannning

12 Jan – Mercury conjunct Jupiter

13 Jan – Mars square Saturn

15 Jan – Sun conjunct Pluto

20 Jan – Sun into Aquarius

23 Jan – Mars conjunct Uranus

24 Jan – Sun conjunct Saturn

29 Jan – Venus conjunct Pluto

29 Jan – Full moon, 9° Leo

29 Jan – Sun conjunct Jupiter

31 Jan – Mercury retrograde, 26° Aquarius

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