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You are extra popular this month.

With so many social invitations coming in, take a flexible attitude to your calendar and don’t overcommit yourself.

Leave plenty of room for spontaneity.

Keep it local and grounded.

There’s much to discover in your own backyard and familiar haunts to rediscover.

The Full Moon is filled with curiosity (no dark jokes about the cat, please); you could travel somewhere interesting with your partner or a special friend.

Forget gambling and games of chance around Dec 28/29; buying a raffle ticket is simply making a donation.

Save your money for pretty things, like exotic holiday souvenirs.


02-Dec-23       Mercury > Capricorn

05-Dec-23       Venus into Scorpio

06-Dec-23       Neptune retrograde ends

13-Dec-23       New Moon in Sagittarius

13-Dec-23       Mercury retrograde begins

22-Dec 23       Sun into Capricorn (Solstice)

23-Dec-23       Mercury into Sagittarius

27-Dec-23       Full Moon in Cancer

30-Dec-23       Venus into Sagittarius

31-Dec-23       Jupiter retrograde ends