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Kim Fairminer > SCORPIO


There’s a heavy focus on your routine responsibilities in April.

If they’ve been dragging you down, you’ll find the oomph to start anew after the new moon. It’s a robust negotiation between control and delegation.

Romance holds the potential for surprise mid-month. Don’t become a doormat though, no matter how much your want to entice your chosen one.

Your mojo is back on the 17th and you know exactly what’s going on and what moves to make next.

An important conversation with a key person is top of your list.

The full moon in your sign has you revealing a little more than usual.

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April is dark and broody with some cute twists. Be ready for a few surprises. Happy birthday to courageous Aries and sensual Taurus.

4 Mercury into Aries

12 New moon in Aries

15 Venus into Taurus

19 Mercury into Taurus

20 Sun into Taurus

23 Mars into Cancer

27 Full moon in Scorpio

28 Pluto retrograde starts in Capricorn

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