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September opens with a full moon in your home and family sector; it really shines a light on the emotional situation there and the degree of connectivity and compassion that is available to your family. Your work/life balance is under scrutiny. Look at ways to shake up your daily routine and bring a sense of ease to the situation.

Mercury’s going to whip through your friendship sector at high speed so it’s important that you make the most of this connective energy if you’re planning on any collaborative projects. That second week of September could be very productive for moving a situation forward as your ruling planet Jupiter also stations direct.

Jupiter’s forward momentum happens in your income sector, so if there’s been some kind of settlement or financial recogition delayed since May, that’s likely to move forward at this time. There are some larger difficulties that need to be worked through which are complicated by the ongoing stand-off between Mars and Saturn. You want to go out and have loads of fun and not worry about tomorrow but your bank balance says no. Just no.

September’s new moon brings a fresh start in your career sector but not until you make a key choice between your own needs and the needs of a partner. It may be a key player in the workplace or it could be your life partner that has an opinion on the situation. It may seem like something small but you unlock an important key to long-term financial growth with this moon.

All that collaborating comes to an end in the final week of the month as Mercury moves into your 12th house of inner reflection., He’ll spend an extended amount of time here due to the upcoming retrograde. This is your chance to clear out and/or converse with any skeletons in your psychic closet.


Venus in Leo keeps you cheerful and Jupiter moving forward in Cap is better than nothing. Mars retrograde in Aries sees frustration peaking late in the month.

2 Sep  –  Full moon in Pisces

6 Sep –  Mercury into Libra + Venus into Leo

10 Sep  –  Mars stations retrograde

13 Sep  –  Jupiter stations direct

17 Sep  –  New moon in Virgo

23 Sep  –  Mercury enters shadow phase

27 Sep –  Mercury into Scorpio

30 Sep –  Saturn retrograde ends

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