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Happy birthday Sagittarius. It’s not every year you get eclipses for your birthday. Lucky you. Early December reverberates with the revelatory shadows of the late November lunar eclipse still lingering. The hidden underbelly of a key relationship has been revealed and, your curiosity piqued, investigations will continue. You are hungry to know more about your partner and what this relationship means about you. For now, there are more questions than answers.

Eclipses never come alone and the solar eclipse mid-December, kicks your new year off early as it hits the reset button in your sign. Clear out the old you, set a fresh course and connect with new life goals. The secret is surrendering your ego and aligning your will with the flow of the universe. I suspect, you already know what you have to let go of.

Mercury is moving through your sign between 2nd and 21st Dec giving you the gift of the bag – or foot in mouth as sometimes happens with Sadgies. Your mind is busy with all the ideas and you may be struggling to narrow down your options. That’s okay. Let yourself think big and you can narrow down the details later.

Don a party hat (or perhaps something more tasteful) as Venus arrives in your sign on 16 December. This puts you in a festive mood just in time for all those Christmas and New Year social engagements. It’s also a good time to refresh your appearance with a haircut or new outfit, and is our wonderful boost to your personal confidence.

The big alignment between Jupiter and Saturn in your communications house is wonderful news for you. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, hasn’t been happy in Capricorn so this is a real turning point in your luck. This is the end of all the harsh lessons of 2020, which was craptastic for you personally as well as collectively. With Jupiter and Saturn beginning a fresh cycle in Aquarius, a wealth of new ideas and progressive connections opens up to you. This evolution of communication and a sustained cycle of growth is driven through through your local environment and peer relationships

Cohesive measured thinking is your key to success in 2021; invest in communication, local networks, and your siblings, cousins and neighbours. At times, duties and responsibilities (particularly around work and health) may interfere and distract you from getting your message across. Perseverance is key. Take a long-term view of your health and well-being as well, particularly in terms of mental health.

The Cancer full moon on New Year’s Eve spotlights your long-term financial commitments. Keep an eye on your wallet if you go out, however a modest celebration at home is more likely to satisfy budgetary constraints and your desire for quality conversation.

A big bold idea could/light lightning in the mysterious dark of the new moon. If you’re a writer this could also give you a direct line to the muses. Write it all down and run it by a friend; chances are this is gold. It’ll come up a practical assessment with the new moon the new moon in Capricorn. Don’t let past experiences – particular those of 2020 flavour – crush your dreams. Do follow through and work hard to develop your idea. It could have moneymaking potential.

The second half of January, and late January in particular, is incredibly inspiring. You are full of enthusiasm – again writing and publishing is highlighted, this time by the full  moon in Leo. Soak up this sense of adventure and throw yourself into exploring big ideas and pondering even bigger questions. Study, travel and spirituality are all ripe with potential. Break with your familiar routine and stretch your experiences beyond what you already know.

Love reading your horoscope? This content will soon be members only. Become a subscriber now to keep the goodies coming in 2021.


Love reading your horoscope? This content will soon be members only. Become a subscriber now to keep the goodies coming in 2021.

A change is as good as a holiday and we all need one after the rollercoaster ride of 2020. The solar eclipse and Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December wipes the slate clean and prepares you for fresh adventures in 2021. A surprise-packed January sets the scene for the year ahead.

2 Dec  – Mercury into Sagittarius

15 Dec – Solar eclipse, 23° Sagittarius

16 Dec – Venus into Sagittarius

17 Dec – Saturn into Aquarius (with the moon)

19 Dec – Jupiter into Aquarius

21 Dec – Mercury into Capricorn

22 Dec  – Jupiter conjunct Saturn, 0° Aqu (also solstice)

30 Dec – Full moon, 9° Cancer

5 Jan – Mercury conjunct Pluto

7 Jan – Mars into Taurus

8 Jan – Mercury into Aquarius

9 Jan – Venus into Capricorn

10 Jan – Mercury conjunct Saturn

10 Jan – 2021 Astrological Preview + Plannning

12 Jan – Mercury conjunct Jupiter

13 Jan – Mars square Saturn

15 Jan – Sun conjunct Pluto

20 Jan – Sun into Aquarius

23 Jan – Mars conjunct Uranus

24 Jan – Sun conjunct Saturn

29 Jan – Venus conjunct Pluto

29 Jan – Full moon, 9° Leo

29 Jan – Sun conjunct Jupiter

31 Jan – Mercury retrograde, 26° Aquarius

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