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Kim Fairminer > PISCES


Homelife looks explosive around the full moon in early December.

It could be a blow-up within the family or an accident of some kind.

Slow down, take care with your words, and follow the safety instructions.

The new moon just before Xmas falls in your celebration sector which makes for a relaxing time with your nearest and dearest.

Include water and wine for best results.

January’s full moon in your pleasure sector continues the focus on family, particularly the younger members.

There could also be some flirtatious fun with a special someone.

Mid-month, the ongoing disruption to home and relationship comes to an end as the Mars and Mercury retrogrades end.

It’s been quite a journey so the reclusive flavour of late January will be a welcome respite from an extended period of engaging with others.

Rest and reflect on how you have evolved along the way.

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4-Dec-22 Neptune retrograde ends

7-Dec-22 Mercury > Capricorn

7-Dec- 22 Full Moon in Gemini

10-Dec-22 Venus into Capricorn

21-Dec-22 Jupiter > Aries

22-Dec-22 Sun > Capricorn

22-Dec-22 New Moon in Capricorn

29-Dec-22 Mercury retrograde starts


1-Jan-23 Venus Cnj Pluto

3-Jan-23 Venus > Aquarius

6-Jan-23 Full Moon in Cancer

7-Jan-23 Sun cnj Mercury

13-Jan-23 Mars retrograde ends

18-Jan-23 Mercury retrograde ends

19-Jan-23 Sun cnj Pluto

20-Jan-23 Sun > Aquarius

21-Jan-23 New Moon in Aquarius

23-Jan-23 Venus cnj Saturn

23-Jan-23 Uranus retrograde ends

27-Jan-23 Venus > Pisces