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Kim Fairminer > PISCES


Your home and family life is harmonious and likely to feature a lot of amusing chatter and games.

Watch for more serious concerns to be revealed around the full moon, particularly around long-term financial commitments.

Friendships and group activities get a lifeline.

Leading by example and empowering others is the best way forward as you work together to set goals and collectively manifest them.

New ways of communicating, particularly within your local community, spring to life with the new moon.

If there’s an innovative, technological dimension to these connections, all the better.


Venus into Gemini
3 April, Harmonious home

Jupiter conjunct Pluto 24 Capricorn
5 April, Powerful friends

Full moon 19 Libra
8 April, Financial revelation

Venus enter retrograde shadow
10 April, Family flexibility

Mercury into Aries
11 April, Money movements

Sun into Taurus
19 April, Local energy

New moon 4 Taurus
23 April, New mindset

Pluto retrograde starts 24 Capricorn
25 April, Concentrated group

Sun conjunct Uranus 7 Taurus
26 April, Genius idea

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