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Kim Fairminer > LIBRA


The solar eclipse lights up – although dims is probably a better descriptor – the sector of your chart related to death, taxes, and other people’s money.

While it doesn’t deserve hashtag #fun, it’s not as ominous as it sounds.

There’s an ending here and a new beginning regarding loans and financial agreements.

Issues of trust and intimacy are also likely to experience a significant shift.

Control (and who haz it) comes to the fore under the lunar eclipse mid-month.

You could land a plum project (or client) and be busy for weeks.

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Eclipse season has you uncomfortably situated between a fabulous idea and having to summon the energy to make it happen.

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1 May Solar eclipse in Taurus

3 May Venus > Aries

10 May Mercury retrograde begins

11 May Jupiter > Aries

16 May Lunar eclipse in Scorpio

21 May Sun > Gemini

23 May Mercury retrograde > Taurus

25 May Mars > Aries

29 May Venus > Taurus

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