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Your work and health responsibilities show signs of turning the corner.

Easy does it though.

It’s not time to turn cartwheels just yet but do tap into your deep desire to thrive.

Your partner is crotchety.

Attempts to resolve the situation are more likely to start arguments.

Give them some space and chat to your friends for social connection and amusement.

New career opportunities spark up around the new moon.

The weirder the offer, the more potential it has.

Listen out for whispers of high tech and cutting-edge innovations as that’s where your career growth lies.


Venus into Gemini
3 April, Friendship fun

Jupiter conjunct Pluto 24 Capricorn
5 April, Duty calls

Full moon 19 Libra
8 April, Negotiated outcome

Venus enter retrograde shadow
10 April, Harmonising groups

Mercury into Aries
11 April, Big ideas

Sun into Taurus
19 April, Career energy

New moon 4 Taurus
23 April, Fresh career cycle

Pluto retrograde starts 24 Capricorn
25 April, Work/health situation

Sun conjunct Uranus 7 Taurus
26 April, Career twist

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