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Are you ready to spend some of your covid travel credit?

The planets at the start of October already have their bags packed.

Embrace spontaneity under the Full Moon and head off on a mini break with friends.

Don’t fret about your partner; they’ll enjoy their alone time and you really need to feel the wind in your (fabulous) hair and your mind will enjoy the change of scenery.

Suitably refreshed, you’ll find the increasingly intense focus on home and family easier to handle as the month ends.

Letting go can be beautiful.

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2 Oct  Mercury retrograde ends

9 Oct  Pluto retrograde ends

10 Oct  Full Moon in Aries

11 Oct  Mercury > Libra

23 Oct  Sun conjoins Venus

23 Oct  Saturn retrograde ends

23 Oct  Venus > Scorpio

23 Oct  Sun > Scorpio

25 Oct  Solar eclipse in Scorpio

28 Oct  Retrograde Jupiter > Pisces

30 Oct  Mercury > Scorpio

30 Oct  Mars retrograde starts