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Your social calendar is filling up for the festive season but you have niggling suspicions that something is off in a group situations or with a friend. Don’t worry about it too much. Just keep things light and breezy and don’t gorge yourself on gossip as you party hop. Only share positive news that uplifts you and the people in your circle.

By the time the solar eclipse rolls around in mid-December, you may begin to tire of the social whirlwind. Hard to believe, right? But, the eclipse of your ruling planet, the Sun, is a clear indication to pull your creative energies back to you. Are your children leaving the nest? Perhaps it’s time to farewell to a hobby that feels too risky or onerous? The solar eclipse asks you to surrender to the unknown and renew your expressive spark. It could also be surrendering to pleasures of a different kind…

By the third week of December, there’s a major shift as Saturn and Jupiter move into your partnership sector. A new relationship cycle begins when these planets meet on 21 Dec. It is about building stable structures that support the growth of sustainable partnerships for the long-term. There are challenges along the way particular around the intersection of relationships with your career and public life.

The Cancer full moon on New Year’s Eve could bring up some fears and insecurities that are perhaps holding you back. Perhaps you’ve taken on too much and are burning the candle at both end? Consider a low-key celebration this year and greet 2021 fully rested. A private and thoughtful ceremony to offload the troubles of 2020 will also open a portal to the intuitive insights of the full moon.

Mega relationship action hots up a week into January – which is good because you probably didn’t take my advice about having a quiet New Year’s Eve and need all of that first week to recover from overdoing things. You’ll be back at your social best from 8th Jan and busy having important conversations with friends, partners, and co-conspirators.

If you’ve pencilled in your return to work and/or regular routine for mid-January, your enthusiasm will be decidedly lacking. It looks like all systems no-go on the work front, with some kind of problem or outage making progress slow or impossible. The difficulties peak on 13 January, after which strategic solutions emerge with the new lunar cycle. These solutions are likely to require significant grunt work. Not very glamorous. At all.

The Sun’s arrival in Aquarius brings light and warmth to your relationship sector and helps bring life to the intellectual ideas and concepts you began playing with in December. Whatever you choose to do during the next month, it’ll be more fun with a friend. And with the ongoing shenanigans at work, you will need plenty of calm, clear-headed support.

There is a sudden upheaval at work on 23 January. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but it is a profound and dramatic change, most likely of a permanent nature. Remember that you’re an amazingly resilient and adaptable creature and you are destined to shine no matter what surprises are thrown your way. If doubt strikes, ask your buddy for a reality check.

The high drama continues all week and culminates in the dramatic Leo full moon. Of course, this is your sign so you have a starring role. Be more divine ruler than high-maintenance diva.  What unfolds now at the end of January is an early taste of the major themes of 2021 so don’t burn your bridges just yet.

With Mercury poised to retrograde as the month comes to a close, it’s important to realise that while the situation – particularly the situation with a key player – appears to have stalled and be immovable, previously undisclosed information will soon be revealed. So pause, take a deep breath and adjust your crown as you patiently await this person to make the next move.

Love reading your horoscope? This content will soon be members only. Become a subscriber to keep the goodies coming in 2021.


Love reading your horoscope? This content will soon be members only. Become a subscriber now to keep the goodies coming in 2021.

A change is as good as a holiday and we all need one after the rollercoaster ride of 2020. The solar eclipse and Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December wipes the slate clean and prepares you for fresh adventures in 2021. A surprise-packed January sets the scene for the year ahead.

2 Dec  – Mercury into Sagittarius

15 Dec – Solar eclipse, 23° Sagittarius

16 Dec – Venus into Sagittarius

17 Dec – Saturn into Aquarius (with the moon)

19 Dec – Jupiter into Aquarius

21 Dec – Mercury into Capricorn

22 Dec  – Jupiter conjunct Saturn, 0° Aqu (also solstice)

30 Dec – Full moon, 9° Cancer

5 Jan – Mercury conjunct Pluto

7 Jan – Mars into Taurus

8 Jan – Mercury into Aquarius

9 Jan – Venus into Capricorn

10 Jan – Mercury conjunct Saturn

10 Jan – 2021 Astrological Preview + Plannning

12 Jan – Mercury conjunct Jupiter

13 Jan – Mars square Saturn

15 Jan – Sun conjunct Pluto

20 Jan – Sun into Aquarius

23 Jan – Mars conjunct Uranus

24 Jan – Sun conjunct Saturn

29 Jan – Venus conjunct Pluto

29 Jan – Full moon, 9° Leo

29 Jan – Sun conjunct Jupiter

31 Jan – Mercury retrograde, 26° Aquarius

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