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Career clarity emerges in early December.

It’s not yet tangible so be gentle with your ambitions.

The New Moon promises a fresh start in your relationship sector, but with Mercury retrograde, you probably don’t know what you want.

Keep your options open until 2024.

Deja vu strikes in partnerships, as you rehash old stuff – hopefully resolving the situation this time around.

The Full Moon is financially nourishing; work your dreams behind the scenes to unleash the magic.

Confusion reigns supreme on Dec 28/29 as crossed wires converge with a cross partner.

It’s definitely not the day to argue with idiots.


02-Dec-23       Mercury > Capricorn

05-Dec-23       Venus into Scorpio

06-Dec-23       Neptune retrograde ends

13-Dec-23       New Moon in Sagittarius

13-Dec-23       Mercury retrograde begins

22-Dec 23       Sun into Capricorn (Solstice)

23-Dec-23       Mercury into Sagittarius

27-Dec-23       Full Moon in Cancer

30-Dec-23       Venus into Sagittarius

31-Dec-23       Jupiter retrograde ends