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December begins just after the lunar eclipse in your sign. It’s an emotional spotlight all about you that reveals the shadow self. You might feel tired, lazy, and/or overemotional. Blurting out your feelings isn’t necessarily a bad thing but is someone at odds with your usually intellectual nature.

The weirdness at work also carries over from late November. It feels overwhelming and  overstimulating or straight up confusing. There’s no need to take immediately action; in fact, given the eclipse action, it’s better to wait for more information to come your way.

Partnerships provide an important focus from 2 December with your ruling planet, Mercury, travelling through your relationship sector. Conversations, communications, and negotiation feature heavily. Let your curiosity draw you in to the magic of the solar eclipse midmonth.

This eclipse invites you to surrender to your partner or to a new relationship situation. It’s also an ideal time to drop old partnership stories without fuss and fanfare. Make way for the fresh relating cycle by committing to discovery and adventure.

Charmingly, Venus arrives immediately after the eclipse and brings a sense of harmony and cohesion to this new relationship reality. Somewhat paradoxically an emphasis on freedom and openness helps build trust and secure commitment.

The new cycle of Jupiter and Saturn opens up fresh opportunities for discovery and adventure. You might even entertain the possibility of travel and movement; in not in geographic terms, at least through the pursuit of learning and new experiences.

Your quest to learn about the world and experience it directly could see you enrolling in the course or booking a trip. It’s not all smooth sailing though. The spiritual tension dials right up as the differences between what you’re told and what you believe stir deep agitation.

Your relationship status for 2021 could well be ‘in a complicated relationship with God’. With Mercury in your long-term finance and intimacy sector, also from the solstice, you’ll immerse yourself in deep analysis of the costs and benefits of all your commitments.

New Year’s Eve is likely to be financial blowout or a miserly affair that doesn’t seem to be and in between. Spending or saving (as the case may be) is dependent upon your emotional state and sense of security and belonging. Are you trying to impress someone? Why?

These questions of value escalate quickly in the first half of January. A profound read her revelation is likely around the fifth when you speak with absolute authority and power or enter into a binding agreement.

The mood lightens slightly from the eighth as Mercury moves into Aquarius. The period from the 9th to the 12th is fantastic for conversations with wise advisers and mentors. You have much to learn and you are eager to listen to those with more experience and knowledge.

The new moon in Capricorn on 13 January helps you begin anew. In a sense this new moon, wipes your financial slate clean after the physical carnage of 2020. It’s a phoenix moment that helps you emerge from the crisis more powerful than ever, with a clear plan on how you achieve your goals.

The full moon in Leo in late January connects you with your neighbours and siblings. Express your ideas with passion and enthusiasm, balanced with respect for the other party whose ideas are likely quite strange/foreign to you. Bring an open curiosity to these encounters for best success.

At the very end of the month, Mercury retrograde begins, offering you the opportunity to re-evaluate travel and study plans. It could also mean resubmits on assignments and a shift in thinking on spiritual matters.

Love reading your horoscope? This content will soon be members only. Become a subscriber to keep the goodies coming in 2021.


Love reading your horoscope? This content will soon be members only. Become a subscriber now to keep the goodies coming in 2021.

A change is as good as a holiday and we all need one after the rollercoaster ride of 2020. The solar eclipse and Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December wipes the slate clean and prepares you for fresh adventures in 2021. A surprise-packed January sets the scene for the year ahead.

2 Dec  – Mercury into Sagittarius

15 Dec – Solar eclipse, 23° Sagittarius

16 Dec – Venus into Sagittarius

17 Dec – Saturn into Aquarius (with the moon)

19 Dec – Jupiter into Aquarius

21 Dec – Mercury into Capricorn

22 Dec  – Jupiter conjunct Saturn, 0° Aqu (also solstice)

30 Dec – Full moon, 9° Cancer

5 Jan – Mercury conjunct Pluto

7 Jan – Mars into Taurus

8 Jan – Mercury into Aquarius

9 Jan – Venus into Capricorn

10 Jan – Mercury conjunct Saturn

10 Jan – 2021 Astrological Preview + Plannning

12 Jan – Mercury conjunct Jupiter

13 Jan – Mars square Saturn

15 Jan – Sun conjunct Pluto

20 Jan – Sun into Aquarius

23 Jan – Mars conjunct Uranus

24 Jan – Sun conjunct Saturn

29 Jan – Venus conjunct Pluto

29 Jan – Full moon, 9° Leo

29 Jan – Sun conjunct Jupiter

31 Jan – Mercury retrograde, 26° Aquarius

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