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You’ll be pleased to Mercury retrograde ends at the start of the month. Clear thinking – and some fun – soon follows.

The Full Moon lights up your fun and friendship axis, so organise a gathering with your favourite people.

‘Do a little dance, make a little love.’

Karaoke optional.

Watch for the drop in the last week.

Everyone suddenly gets dark and broody – including you. Impatience and frustration go hand in hand.

When you notice yourself spinning your mental wheels, move your body or accomplish a (different) task to help alleviate the tension.

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2 Oct  Mercury retrograde ends

9 Oct  Pluto retrograde ends

10 Oct  Full Moon in Aries

11 Oct  Mercury > Libra

23 Oct  Sun conjoins Venus

23 Oct  Saturn retrograde ends

23 Oct  Venus > Scorpio

23 Oct  Sun > Scorpio

25 Oct  Solar eclipse in Scorpio

28 Oct  Retrograde Jupiter > Pisces

30 Oct  Mercury > Scorpio

30 Oct  Mars retrograde starts