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Kim Fairminer > GEMINI


All eyes are on you in early December as the full moon puts you under the spotlight.

If you don’t like that kind of heat, a solo escape to catch some fresh mountain air will do wonders for your stress levels.

Do what you practically can in the earthly realm and give your worries to the gods at the new moon just before Xmas – especially regarding finances, which call for a shakeup in the new year.
The ongoing major irritation of Mars retrograde comes to a fizzled conclusion in mid-January at the same time as the end of the minor (and much more regular) irritation of Mercury retrograde.

This means you can move forward too.


You’re a little late to the party ¬in fact, you probably got lost on the way to your NYE celebrations – but you can finally celebrate the start of the new year.

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4-Dec-22 Neptune retrograde ends

7-Dec-22 Mercury > Capricorn

7-Dec- 22 Full Moon in Gemini

10-Dec-22 Venus into Capricorn

21-Dec-22 Jupiter > Aries

22-Dec-22 Sun > Capricorn

22-Dec-22 New Moon in Capricorn

29-Dec-22 Mercury retrograde starts


1-Jan-23 Venus Cnj Pluto

3-Jan-23 Venus > Aquarius

6-Jan-23 Full Moon in Cancer

7-Jan-23 Sun cnj Mercury

13-Jan-23 Mars retrograde ends

18-Jan-23 Mercury retrograde ends

19-Jan-23 Sun cnj Pluto

20-Jan-23 Sun > Aquarius

21-Jan-23 New Moon in Aquarius

23-Jan-23 Venus cnj Saturn

23-Jan-23 Uranus retrograde ends

27-Jan-23 Venus > Pisces