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The lunar eclipse at the very end of November probably still has you feeling like a good rest as December begins. Work it? You probably overdid it and are contemplating the possibility of burnout. Look at your daily routine and give your body a rest.

Where there is one eclipse, there is always another. You will visit the other end of the nodal axis in mid-December. This solar eclipse is all about surrendering to your limitations. Give it all over to God/the universe and accept karmic judgement for your actions. This isn’t necessarily a foreboding as it sounds; karma rewards the deserving, just as it doles out comeuppance to those that push their luck. Which way it goes is up to you.

The big news for you is Saturn’s changes sign into Aquarius. Saturn moving to your own sign of the last couple of years wasn’t easy but that process is now over and you can shift your attention to 1 of your favourite topics money. Saturn is travelling closely with Jupiter the planet of abundance and they will form an auspicious conjunction on the 21st, the beginning of your birthday season. The new cycle germinates in your income sector.

Starting then, you will generate sustainable sources of income and also be more conscious about your spending patterns. An ongoing theme of 2021 is stabilising your financial trajectory and also responding to the erratic nature of your children, your creative projects, and your pursuit of pleasure. At times, it will feel out of balance it will feel out of balance but you have all year to work it out.

Mercury also moves into your sign on the 21st encouraging you to express yourself and offers a platform your voice and opinions. It also stimulates your mind and fills your inbox with notifications and requests. It’s an excellent opportunity to prioritise and organise yourself for the year ahead.

The New Year’s Eve full moon in Cancer is an emotional time with your partner or for partnership themes in general. It’s a high tide of sorts, at a high tide moment on the muggle calendar. You tend to be thinking with your head whereas your heart is all about the feels. Find a happy medium with your love and keep those lines of communication open.

The start of 2021 is chatty as Mercury continues to move through your sign meeting with Pluto on 5th Jan and then with Saturn in Aquarius on the 10th. This puts you in a serious frame of mind and in the mood to make big commitments to yourself (perhaps in the form of New Year’s resolutions) or enter into a binding agreement or contract. With Pluto it’s as if it’s signed in blood so make sure you think things through before you sign on the dotted line. The connection with Saturn takes place in your money sector sector; be thrifty.

The rigidity and commitment tightens as Mars (now moving through your pleasure sector) squares up against Saturn. This is the third of a set of three squares that have previously pitted your resolve against uppity family members. Now though both planets of change sign giving you a fresh take on old challenges. This is the first major activation of the sweeping ‘money versus fun’ theme of 2021, so pay attention because this is just a preview of what’s to come.

Amidst all this, there is a new moon in your sign on the exact degree that was so active in 2020. This is the perfect opportunity to honour your own needs by making a commitment to yourself. It really is a fresh start nourished by the compost of earlier challenges. A little creative thinking goes a long way to manifest the life you want to live.

The scales tip in favour of financial priorities with the Sun moving into January and meeting with Saturn on the 24th Jan. This isn’t the time to splurge although the proximity to Jupiter means you’ll be tempted. Think about the longevity of your financial choices and how you can best invest in yourself.

Love reading your horoscope? This content will soon be members only. Become a subscriber to keep the goodies coming in 2021.


Love reading your horoscope? This content will soon be members only. Become a subscriber now to keep the goodies coming in 2021.

A change is as good as a holiday and we all need one after the rollercoaster ride of 2020. The solar eclipse and Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December wipes the slate clean and prepares you for fresh adventures in 2021. A surprise-packed January sets the scene for the year ahead.

2 Dec  – Mercury into Sagittarius

15 Dec – Solar eclipse, 23° Sagittarius

16 Dec – Venus into Sagittarius

17 Dec – Saturn into Aquarius (with the moon)

19 Dec – Jupiter into Aquarius

21 Dec – Mercury into Capricorn

22 Dec  – Jupiter conjunct Saturn, 0° Aqu (also solstice)

30 Dec – Full moon, 9° Cancer

5 Jan – Mercury conjunct Pluto

7 Jan – Mars into Taurus

8 Jan – Mercury into Aquarius

9 Jan – Venus into Capricorn

10 Jan – Mercury conjunct Saturn

10 Jan – 2021 Astrological Preview + Plannning

12 Jan – Mercury conjunct Jupiter

13 Jan – Mars square Saturn

15 Jan – Sun conjunct Pluto

20 Jan – Sun into Aquarius

23 Jan – Mars conjunct Uranus

24 Jan – Sun conjunct Saturn

29 Jan – Venus conjunct Pluto

29 Jan – Full moon, 9° Leo

29 Jan – Sun conjunct Jupiter

31 Jan – Mercury retrograde, 26° Aquarius

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