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Kim Fairminer > CAPRICORN


Perhaps you thought you were done reinventing yourself?

Saturn coming back home into your sign says there’s further work to do around your personal identity.

Watch for the lunar eclipse to reveal a previously hidden or misunderstood part of yourself.

The lines of communication with a partner open up again from mid-month.

A celebration may be in order, perhaps even with a little old school romance.

From the 22nd, your focus deepens into sharing, finances and other forms of intimacy.

The action aplenty at home and with family continues for many months ahead.


2-Jul Saturn Rx back into Capricorn
Consolidating identity

5-Jul Lunar eclipse (13 Capricorn)
Self revelation

12-Jul Mercury stations direct (5 Cancer)
Relationship clarity

14-Jul Sun opposite Jupiter (22 Cancer/Capricorn)
Recognition of self

20-Jul New moon (29 Cancer opp. Saturn)
Partnership refresh

22-Jul Sun into Leo
Energy into finance + intimacy

25-Jul Mars enters shadow phase (16 Aries)
Family action + conflict

27-Jul Mercury leaves shadow phase (15 Cancer)
Fresh thinking about partners

29-Jul Venus leaves shadow phase (22 Gemini)
Harmonious routines

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