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Kim Fairminer > CAPRICORN


There’s a significant issue involving your income and your spending.

There are worst times to look at consolidating and/or refinancing your debts; doing so could actually free up some time for fun and frivolity.

Remember that?

Do all the hard stuff in the first week of August and by the Full Moon you have prepaid for some much-needed additional mental real estate as well as opened some developmental possibilities for the future.

There’s a lot to be said for knowing where you are, having all the facts, and planning for success.

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AUGUST settles down after the mayhem of the first week, but keep an eye out for the surprise plot twist.

Happy birthday to expressive Leos and discerning Virgos.

2 Sun/Mercury opp Saturn

4–7 Sun + Mercury sq Uranus

8 New Moon in Leo

12 Mercury into Virgo

16 Venus into Libra

19 Mercury cjn Mars

20 Uranus retrograde begins

22 Full Moon in Aquarius

23 Sun into Virgo

30 Mercury into Libra

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