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Work picks up in April. Slowly at first, then accelerating after the new moon when a fresh career arc begins.

Partners play a key role in getting things off the ground – whether you are competing against a rival or collaborating with an ally.

Your friends and networks are an unexpected source of steady counsel and in-kind support.

When Mars arrives in your own sign, it’s career game on. You are motivated and ready for action.

Don’t forget fun and pleasure too. Your friends and beloveds are interested in what you’re up to.

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April is dark and broody with some cute twists. Be ready for a few surprises. Happy birthday to courageous Aries and sensual Taurus.

4 Mercury into Aries

12 New moon in Aries

15 Venus into Taurus

19 Mercury into Taurus

20 Sun into Taurus

23 Mars into Cancer

27 Full moon in Scorpio

28 Pluto retrograde starts in Capricorn

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