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The full moon in Pisces is a truly mystical moon, opening you up to dreams and guides and spiritual experience. You may even find a friend or group of people that share like-minded spiritual practices. Don’t be afraid of discovering new sources of wisdom and opening yourself to the unfamiliar and unusual.

Mercury moves out of Virgo into Libra and Venus moves out of your sign into Leo on the same day, 6th September. This turn your attention away from communicating and self-expression towards creating harmony and security – in both financial and foundational/family terms.

Mars stations retrograde in your career sector. You’ve probably finally just run out of puff. It’s time to go back over where you are and how you got here and see if it’s worth it. Partnerships are woven intimately into this re-evaluation of your motivation for your chosen career. This exploration includes your life partner but also business partners such as bosses, mentors, collaborators. There’s some friction there that will be picked over and apart in coming weeks.

Bright spots and learning opportunities will be recognised as Jupiter stations direct on the 13th. Later in the month though, as Saturn turns direct at the very end of September exactly square to that retrograde Mars, the situation appears leaner, less satisfying, and more restrictive. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater just yet. Patience is everything.

The new moon on the 17th highlights your communications mindset and local connections and provides the opportunity to drill down and get detail on what will support your growth in the coming month. It may be as simple as delegating some daily duties and making more effective use of your own alone time through restructuring your daily routines and work rhythm.

Mercury moves quickly from Virgo through Libra, entering the retrograde shadow and Scorpio during September – all at the base of your chart, indicating that you are listening and sorting your private thoughts and intimate communications. Conversations that occur in the final week of September will be circled back to October.


Venus in Leo keeps you cheerful and Jupiter moving forward in Cap is better than nothing. Mars retrograde in Aries sees frustration peaking late in the month.

2 Sep  –  Full moon in Pisces

6 Sep –  Mercury into Libra + Venus into Leo

10 Sep  –  Mars stations retrograde

13 Sep  –  Jupiter stations direct

17 Sep  –  New moon in Virgo

23 Sep  –  Mercury enters shadow phase

27 Sep –  Mercury into Scorpio

30 Sep –  Saturn retrograde ends

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