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Partnership issues make a comeback in July.

Serious Saturn back into your relationship sector says it’s time to consolidate the huge lessons learned.

The lunar eclipse also brings a big relationship revelation; it’s unexpected but nothing you won’t be able to handle.

The end of Mercury retrograde clears your mind and communication channels, leading to a sweet moment with someone special.

The new moon again highlights boundary issues in partnerships.

Think of and for yourself. From the 22nd July, your attention turns to finances.

You’re on fire at work so you might be able to spend some money.


2-Jul Saturn Rx back into Capricorn
Consolidating partnerships

5-Jul Lunar eclipse (13 Capricorn)
Partnership revelation

12-Jul Mercury stations direct (5 Cancer)
Personal clarity

14-Jul Sun opposite Jupiter (22 Cancer/Capricorn)
Relationship recognition

20-Jul New moon (29 Cancer opp. Saturn)
Identity refresh

22-Jul Sun into Leo
(Energise income)

25-Jul Mars enters shadow phase (16 Aries)
Career action + conflict

27-Jul Mercury leaves shadow phase (15 Cancer)
Fresh thinking about yourself

29-Jul Venus leaves shadow phase (22 Gemini)
Harmonious inner world

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