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Partnerships are a hive of activity in December, so prepare to invest time and energy towards the most important people in your life.

The new moon just before Xmas offers a positive reset if healing and recommitment is needed in this area of your life.

Mercury retrograde brings some challenges and potential for misunderstanding but is ultimately supportive of key relationships.

Improving communication and socialising more as a couple will reinvigorate your partnership.

Work stops taking up so much unpaid space in your head from mid-January as Mars retrograde comes to an end.

Consider whether it was worth the stress. Communication with your partner will also flow more freely from this time.

January’s new moon shows potential for financial growth and may offer a boost to your career from behind the scenes.

Put your foot to the accelerator of your professional ambitions between now and May.

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4-Dec-22 Neptune retrograde ends

7-Dec-22 Mercury > Capricorn

7-Dec- 22 Full Moon in Gemini

10-Dec-22 Venus into Capricorn

21-Dec-22 Jupiter > Aries

22-Dec-22 Sun > Capricorn

22-Dec-22 New Moon in Capricorn

29-Dec-22 Mercury retrograde starts


1-Jan-23 Venus Cnj Pluto

3-Jan-23 Venus > Aquarius

6-Jan-23 Full Moon in Cancer

7-Jan-23 Sun cnj Mercury

13-Jan-23 Mars retrograde ends

18-Jan-23 Mercury retrograde ends

19-Jan-23 Sun cnj Pluto

20-Jan-23 Sun > Aquarius

21-Jan-23 New Moon in Aquarius

23-Jan-23 Venus cnj Saturn

23-Jan-23 Uranus retrograde ends

27-Jan-23 Venus > Pisces