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Watch for last-minute professional power plays as a career chapter as the full-time siren nears.

If you haven’t quite accomplished what you set out to achieve, hold your nerve and push forward now.

But it’s your personal life which is most active this month as eclipse season brings ‘me vs we’ into acute focus.

While the midmonth solar eclipse is a chance to reboot key partnerships, the late October lunar eclipse highlights money and trust. Just how comfortable do you want to be?

And what does your quest for comfort and security cost you?

Take care with (emotional) investments.


5-Oct-23          Mercury into Libra

9-Oct-23          Venus into Virgo

11-Oct-23        Pluto retrograde ends

11-Oct-23        Eclipse Attunement (Session 1)

12-Oct-23        Mars into Scorpio

15-Oct-23        Solar eclipse in Libra

20-Oct-23        Mercury cazimi

22-Oct-23        Mercury into Scorpio

24-Oct-23        Sun into Scorpio

25-Oct-23        Eclipse Attunement (Session 2)

29-Oct-23        Lunar eclipse in Taurus