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There’s a strong focus on your career ambitions.

If you haven’t achieved your goals, or, maybe on the flip side, you have; it’s an a moment to really takes stock and recognise how far you have come in the last few years.

From mid-month the focus shifts to home.

Watch for uncommunicated feelings that drive misunderstandings between family members.

Shortly after the new moon (which is a great time to start over with your fam), you get a much-needed injection of joy, creativity, and fun.

You’re feeling energetic so go for it.


2-Jul Saturn retrograde back into Capricorn
Career consolidation

5-Jul Lunar eclipse (14 Capricorn)
Career revelation

12-Jul Mercury stations direct (5 Cancer)
Family clarity

14-Jul Sun opposite Jupiter 22 Cancer/Capricorn
Career recognition

20-Jul New moon 29 Cancer (opp. Saturn)
Home refresh

22-Jul Sun into Leo
Energy into creativity + kids

25-Jul Mars enters shadow phase (16 Aries)
Personal motivations will be reviewed

27-Jul Mercury leaves shadow phase (15 Cancer)
Fresh thinking about home + fmaily

29-Jul Venus leaves shadow phase (22 Gemini)
Harmonious conversations

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