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Kim Fairminer > ARIES


There’s a focus on finding your words and expressing yourself precisely and diplomatically, particularly with partners and adversaries.

As the Moon becomes full it becomes increasingly important to honour your emotional needs and authenticity.

As October progresses, these discoveries of self and other, reveal deeper currents.

Fearlessly explore these shadow realms, whether you are diving into the murky waters of interpersonal dynamics, financial contracts, or someone’s dirty little secrets.

What is uncovered – about yourself even – may be slightly disconcerting but will eventually lead to personal clarity and a clear mindset.

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2 Oct  Mercury retrograde ends

9 Oct  Pluto retrograde ends

10 Oct  Full Moon in Aries

11 Oct  Mercury > Libra

23 Oct  Sun conjoins Venus

23 Oct  Saturn retrograde ends

23 Oct  Venus > Scorpio

23 Oct  Sun > Scorpio

25 Oct  Solar eclipse in Scorpio

28 Oct  Retrograde Jupiter > Pisces

30 Oct  Mercury > Scorpio

30 Oct  Mars retrograde starts