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You feel more verbally assertive from the 4th but soon become confused about what you’re actually trying to achieve. Is it worth the effort?

Divert yourself from the navel gazing by flirting with the pastel goth aesthetic. You’ll feel much better after the new moon.

By mid-month, financial goals take centre stage and you plot some power career moves. Business as usual no longer satisfies you or your bank account.

Play your cards close to your chest and let your warrior instincts lead as the moon becomes full. Your nostrils twitch at the smell of success.

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April is dark and broody with some cute twists. Be ready for a few surprises. Happy birthday to courageous Aries and sensual Taurus.

4 Mercury into Aries

12 New moon in Aries

15 Venus into Taurus

19 Mercury into Taurus

20 Sun into Taurus

23 Mars into Cancer

27 Full moon in Scorpio

28 Pluto retrograde starts in Capricorn

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