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September kicks off with a full moon in the most mysterious sector of your chart Aries. Forget those full moon party vibes though and take time out for self reflection and shadow work. Need a focal point? Bust through some subconscious money blocks around your earning potential.

A few days after the full moon, Mercury moves into your opposite side of Libra and Venus moves into Leo. This is awesome for your love life. Whether you’re partnered or single, you feel more outgoing and more interested in understanding the dynamics of your relationships. Get curious and have some fun along the way.

With your ruling planet Mars retrograde in your first house, fun is something in rather short supply so grab it wherever you can. The retrograde station of Mars is a difficult time for you. You’re not able to push forward with the same speed and enthusiasm that you’re renowned for. For the time being, stop trying so damned hard to make things happen.

The Mars situation is complicated by the ongoing square between Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. It’s a stand-off between your individual goals and larger bureaucratic structures such as the government and work. Someone is telling you ‘No’. Don’t chuck a tantie, even though you want to.

It’s not all bad news careerwise. Jupiter stations direct at the top of your chart on 13 September which unlocks some of the (modest) brownie points you been banking with your boss and those in power since mid-May. All the more reason not to chuck that tantrum.

The new moon on the 17th helps you apply yourself at work in small but practical ways. Ultimately, it’s this daily dedication that will make a difference to the longer term trajectory of your career. From little things big things grow.

The last decan of the cardinal signs is where the action is as Mercury enters the shadow phase of his upcoming retrograde before moving into Scorpio. Take extra care with what you say to whom. What you say can and will be held against you.

At the end of the month, Saturn stations direct square to your Mars which is firmly on the back foot. As far as battle strategies go, defence is just as legitimate as attack – and particularly apt in your current situation. Slow down and consider the long-term consequences of your actions. With that at the front of your mind, you’re in with a chance of winning the war.


Venus in Leo keeps you cheerful and Jupiter moving forward in Cap is better than nothing. Mars retrograde in Aries sees frustration peaking late in the month.

2 Sep  –  Full moon in Pisces

6 Sep –  Mercury into Libra + Venus into Leo

10 Sep  –  Mars stations retrograde

13 Sep  –  Jupiter stations direct

17 Sep  –  New moon in Virgo

23 Sep  –  Mercury enters shadow phase

27 Sep –  Mercury into Scorpio

30 Sep –  Saturn retrograde ends

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