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You’re in-demand socially as the calendar year comes to a close.

Watch for career limiting verbal gaffs, as you shift into end-of-year informality.

Money could slip through your fingers at the New Moon, so keep a closer eye on spending.

Grab some quiet time for yourself, in between social engagements; it is imperative that you recharge.

You’ll appreciate the slower pace after the solstice.

The Full Moon offers a chance to break with your regular routine, rest, retreat and recharge.

If you ‘need’ furniture and home wares, the new year sales will prove difficult to resist.


02-Dec-23       Mercury > Capricorn

05-Dec-23       Venus into Scorpio

06-Dec-23       Neptune retrograde ends

13-Dec-23       New Moon in Sagittarius

13-Dec-23       Mercury retrograde begins

22-Dec 23       Sun into Capricorn (Solstice)

23-Dec-23       Mercury into Sagittarius

27-Dec-23       Full Moon in Cancer

30-Dec-23       Venus into Sagittarius

31-Dec-23       Jupiter retrograde ends