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You really need to be out and about expending energy under December’s full moon.

Whether it’s chasing after young humans or just running for the fun of it, burn off all that extra physical energy and the frustration of Mars retrograde.

Xmas is a little too mainstream for you so the new moon is a good time to withdraw from the social scene, ponder big philosophical questions, and write your manifesto.

Duty calls in early January with some disruption to your home and/or family routine.

You wear your responsibilities lightly and will be fielding complements as Venus moves through your sign.

Find ways of locking in that feeling of alignment under the new moon towards the end of the month.

If you have resolutions to make for 2023, that’s the perfect time to commit to them as you are feeling optimistic with a positive mindset.

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4-Dec-22 Neptune retrograde ends

7-Dec-22 Mercury > Capricorn

7-Dec- 22 Full Moon in Gemini

10-Dec-22 Venus into Capricorn

21-Dec-22 Jupiter > Aries

22-Dec-22 Sun > Capricorn

22-Dec-22 New Moon in Capricorn

29-Dec-22 Mercury retrograde starts


1-Jan-23 Venus Cnj Pluto

3-Jan-23 Venus > Aquarius

6-Jan-23 Full Moon in Cancer

7-Jan-23 Sun cnj Mercury

13-Jan-23 Mars retrograde ends

18-Jan-23 Mercury retrograde ends

19-Jan-23 Sun cnj Pluto

20-Jan-23 Sun > Aquarius

21-Jan-23 New Moon in Aquarius

23-Jan-23 Venus cnj Saturn

23-Jan-23 Uranus retrograde ends

27-Jan-23 Venus > Pisces