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Kim Fairminer > AQUARIUS


Your partner can bring a little sunshine to your life this month but you are determined to wear your shades.

Naturally, this will create tension between you, which, without awareness, will be rather disruptive – particular in terms of home and family.

Rather than looking back to the past, see this as the beginning of a new chapter.

Practical action will speak louder than words, which are best kept non-combative.

This will be easier said than done with the Full Moon in your sign making you more emotionally expressive than usual.

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AUGUST settles down after the mayhem of the first week, but keep an eye out for the surprise plot twist.

Happy birthday to expressive Leos and discerning Virgos.

2 Sun/Mercury opp Saturn

4–7 Sun + Mercury sq Uranus

8 New Moon in Leo

12 Mercury into Virgo

16 Venus into Libra

19 Mercury cjn Mars

20 Uranus retrograde begins

22 Full Moon in Aquarius

23 Sun into Virgo

30 Mercury into Libra

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