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September opens with a full moon in your income sector. Now is not the time to put your head in the sand about the household budget. Outgoings matter just as much as incomings and there may be savings to be had – particularly around technology, so check your mobile phone plans, Internet provider, etc. Maybe roll it together onto a family subscription?

From the 6th, Mercury flies through your education and adventure house. Are you researching hopeful holiday destinations or really diving into your foreign language app? This is the same day that the planet of love moves into your partnership sector which bodes well for good times with your significant someone and can also help you out negotiating professional relationships. Make the most of it!

You’ll need all the charm you can muster with Mars stationing retrograde in your communications sector, which all but guarantees verbal conflict and differing opinions. Look for the hidden agenda and subconscious motives. (Tin foil hat not required!) Even once you find the source of the trouble, it is going to be slow and arduous to untangle the mental knots you tie yourself in.

Jupiter moving direct in this subconscious area of your chart indicates that underlying beliefs and how they structure almost everything you do could help raise awareness and understanding of the situation and offer practical help with the solution.

The new moon reins in spending on other people and splurging on life’s pleasures. Tough calls will be made. Don’t be tempted to deprive yourself of everything you enjoy just to please your partner. Be clear on what matters to you and be willing to speak up about it.

September concludes with Mercury entering the retrograde shadow and highlighting your career sector. Expect extra meetings and correspondence and, looking forward into October, missing emails as Mercury will be retrograde.


Venus in Leo keeps you cheerful and Jupiter moving forward in Cap is better than nothing. Mars retrograde in Aries sees frustration peaking late in the month.

2 Sep  –  Full moon in Pisces

6 Sep –  Mercury into Libra + Venus into Leo

10 Sep  –  Mars stations retrograde

13 Sep  –  Jupiter stations direct

17 Sep  –  New moon in Virgo

23 Sep  –  Mercury enters shadow phase

27 Sep –  Mercury into Scorpio

30 Sep –  Saturn retrograde ends

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