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Magical Mentoring

    Come home to your divine self

    Join astrologer, author, and teacher,
    Kim Fairminer for Magical Mentoring

    Do you feel disconnected from your spirituality or lack a spiritual practice altogether?

    Are you curious about astrology, magic, and witchcraft but don’t know where to start?

    Are you searching for a friendly community who share your love of astrology and magic?

    Nourish your soul’s calling

    Join Magical Mentoring, a community led by experienced astrologer, author, and teacher, Kim Fairminer.

    Connect with like-minded individuals who share your love for astrology and magic, and receive the guidance and support you need to nourish your soul’s calling.

    Magical Mentoring is the perfect balance between spirituality and practicality.

    Unlike other online spiritual communities, we respect individual beliefs and practices while keeping ourselves grounded.

    As a Magical Mentoring member, you’ll get instant access to self-paced courses, online meetups, and ongoing support from a warm, supportive community.

    Kim has over 20 years of experience as a metaphysical practitioner. She is a successful teacher of the esoteric arts and is passionate about sharing her knowledge of astrology, witchcraft, dreams, magic, and ritual with others.

    Magical Mentoring is an opportunity for you to learn directly from Kim and accelerate your spiritual growth.

    Join Magical Mentoring today and receive live group mentoring, astrology lessons, new moon and full moon forecasts, a moon magic course, a dreams and symbols course, and access to our private discussion group.

    Don’t miss out on this chance to connect with other spiritual seekers and take your spiritual journey to the next level.

    Warm, supportive community

    Connection & encouragement

    Self-paced course library

    Live group calls

    Why Magical Mentoring?

    Have you lurked in online spiritual communities before and been horrified by the not-so-spiritual behaviour?

    Or invested in a high-priced course only to later realise it’s not a good fit for you?

    Or enrolled in a ‘VIP masterclass’ and not received VIP attention?

    Magical Mentoring is different. It’s the perfect balance between spirituality and practicality. We respect individual beliefs and practices, and – most importantly – keep ourselves grounded.

    This isn’t a ‘personality driven’ group.

    While Kim facilitates discussion and holds the space, Magical Mentoring is as much about the unique quality of the group dynamic as it is about the course content and lunar forecasts.

    It is about belonging. You will be seen – and celebrated – as the amazing magical being that you truly are.

    Find support and answers for
    your questions

    Connect with other
    seekers of spiritual wisdom

    Direct access to expert teachings to accelerate your journey

    Follow through on your intentions and manifest your desires

    Do you enjoy….

    Magical Mentoring is for you!


    Live group mentoring

    Astrology lessons

    New Moon forecasts

    Full Moon forecasts

    Small supportive community

    Moon Magic course

    Dreams & Symbols course

    Private discussion group

    Welcome to

    Magical Mentoring

    Magical Mentoring is facilitated by Kim Fairminer, an experienced astrologer and witch who has been making magic for two decades. With her guidance, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth that will transform your life forever.

    Our membership includes access to three self-paced courses that will provide you with a strong foundation in astrology, dreams, symbols, and moon magic. The courses are designed to be completed at your own pace, allowing you to absorb the material at a pace that suits you.

    The first course, Divine Spark, will teach you the basics of astrology and how to interpret birth charts. You will learn how to identify the astrological influences that are present in your life and how to use this knowledge to gain insight into your personality, relationships, and life purpose.

    The second course, Dreams and Symbols, will take you on a journey through the world of dreams and their hidden meanings. You will learn how to interpret the symbols in your dreams and how to use this knowledge to gain insight into your subconscious mind.

    The third course, Moon Magic for Modern Witches, will teach you how to harness the power of the moon to manifest your desires and transform your life. You will learn how to work with the phases of the moon, how to create moon rituals, and how to use moon magic to enhance your spell work.

    In addition to the self-paced courses, our membership includes a monthly live event where you can connect with Kim and other members of the community. This is your chance to ask questions, share your experiences, and receive guidance from Kim in real-time. You will also have access to special live events throughout the year, where you can deepen your knowledge and skills in astrology, magic, and witchcraft.

    Joining Magical Mentoring is the first step on a transformative journey that will unlock your full potential and help you achieve your dreams. With Kim’s guidance and the support of our community, you will gain the tools and knowledge you need to create the life you’ve always wanted.

    Don’t wait any longer to start your journey. Join Magical Mentoring today and unlock the power of astrology, magic, and witchcraft in your life.

    Real testimonials


    Small supportive community

    Monthly themed discussions

    Private online group

    Member spotlights

    Directory listing

    Networking opportunities

    Co-working sessions

    Video library

    Your questions answered

    I get it, joining a community is a bit of a leap, but it’s so worth it! Here are a few of the common questions people ask about Magical Mentoring.

    Is this a course or something else?
    Yes and no. Yes, you get instant access to three of Kim’s popular courses (an amazing $478 of value right there!). But it’s also so much more. Magical Mentoring is a shared experience! This circle offers a private space for spiritual support. You get access to a community of like-minded astrology enthusiasts, soulful seekers, and magical practitioners.

    Do you have monthly themes?
    Yes, each month is themed around current astrological transits. This initiates conversation, invites deeper sharing from members, and provides a suggested focal point for your personal spiritual practice.

    Who is the membership open to?
    Anyone who is kind and spiritual and wants to nourish this part of their lives as part of a thriving membership community. A love of astrology will help you feel right at home.

    What times are the calls and what if I can’t access them?
    Calls are currently scheduled on a Thursday evening (AEST). Replays of the calls are added to the membership site so you can watch them at any time on any device.

    I hate Facebook; can I still join?
    Absolutely. I have a love/hate relationship with social media too. That’s why I host Magical Mentoring on Mighty Networks.

    When does the membership start and finish?
    Your membership starts as soon as you sign up and ends when your membership expires or is cancelled.

    Will payments automatically renew?
    Yes, your chosen membership option will automatically renew at the beginning of each new billing cycle.

    What are the Terms and Conditions?
    If you join Magical Mentoring, your credit card will be charged a fee according to the chosen membership payment option. You are able to cancel your membership at any time. However, once processed, membership fees are non-refundable. If you choose to leave and later rejoin, you will pay the current advertised price.