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    Helping your spiritual business thrive

    Join astrologer, author, and teacher,
    Kim Fairminer in The Pleiades

    Are you struggling
    to find balance in your spiritual business?

    Do you find it hard to work out what you need to do to help your business thrive?

    Are you tired of doing all the things and not seeing results for your efforts?

    Running a spiritual business is not as easy as it looks

    You started your spiritual business inspired and enthusiastic but now, you’ve hit a plateau and are left feeling a bit lost about your next steps.

    All the glossy social media types seem to have cracked the code and unlocked business success.

    So why isn’t it happening for you?

    There is no secret to instant success, but there is an easier pathway forward.

    Rather than continuing to scroll the socials and sign up to another offering promising the world, why not invest in ongoing peer support, community, and accountability, at a price you can afford?

    In The Pleiades, you’ll get amazing support for your spiritual business journey, with regular Zoom calls, peer support, sharing, and learning.

    Warm, supportive community

    Dedicated peer support

    Recommendations & resources

    Live group calls

    What makes the perfect spiritual business circle?

    How many times have you downloaded an enticing business freebie and never used it?

    Or gone down a marketing rabbit hole before realising it’s not a good fit for you?

    Or enrolled in a ‘VIP masterclass’ and not received VIP attention?

    The Pleiades is different. I think we’ve found the right mix of spirituality and business.

    Find support and answers for
    your business questions

    Connect with other
    spiritual business owners

    Share resources, information,
    and experiences

    Follow through on your plans and achieve your goals

    The Pleiades welcomes…


    Small supportive community

    Monthly themed discussions

    Private online group

    Member spotlights

    Directory listing

    Networking opportunities

    Co-working sessions

    Video library

    Meet me,

    Kim Fairminer

    I’m an experienced astrologer, writer, and magical mentor. My private consultations consistently receive rave reviews. I write and teach on a range of esoteric topics and moonlight as a top-rated psychic on an international web hotline.

    I’ve worked with thousands of people to help them achieve their goals, work through challenges, make important decisions, and generally support them to live their best life. My clients and students rave about the deep spiritual insights I deliver with honesty, passion, and uncanny accuracy.

    As a successful teacher of the esoteric arts with multiple courses, memberships, books, podcasts, and presentations, I pass on my knowledge of astrology, witchcraft, dreams, magic and ritual.

    In The Pleiades, you get to see ‘behind the scenes’ of my business as I share my professional highs and lows and even a few witchy secrets.

    This is the perfect spiritual business membership with everything you need to holistically support your career journey, nourish your ambition, and accelerate your professional growth!

    My professional journey

    I haven’t always been this successful. (Even now, part of me, cringes to write that!)

    I started out just like you.

    In a way, I stumbled into my profession.

    Having completed my initial astrology training, I was surprised when I did a natal chart reading for a workmate at a cafe and she gave me $20.

    Suddenly, somehow, I’d crossed a threshold and I had become a professional astrologer.

    It was time to hang out my shingle.

    But I was clueless about business.

    I remember trying to create my first website. It was really hard!

    I knew I needed help but I had no idea where to find the business support I needed.

    I muddled on and found someone more tech savvy than me to create my first website – which I soon outgrew.

    Since then I’ve learnt a lot, about branding, marketing, money, client relationships, social media, events, collaboration, writing, teaching, the list goes on.

    Sometimes I look at my career and pinch myself.

    I now work in the comfort of my own home, sharing my passion, with thousands of people all over the world.

    Honestly though, I’ve still got a lot to learn about running a spiritual business and am still making a lot of it up as I go along.

    But the one thing I do know is that since launching The Pleiades, my business knowledge has sky-rocketed.

    I am more focused and productive with the support of a small group.

    I find out about tips and tools, which I otherwise would never have heard of, and happily share my recommendations with others too.

    I have co-working buddies.

    I have stopped talking to the voices in my head. Well, not completely, but certainly a little less and the inner voices who do speak are much more positive and helpful.

    A lot of what I have achieved in the last year is due to The Pleiades.

    I want you to learn from my success. And my mistakes. Some of my biggest lessons were learnt the hard way.

    Spending too much time researching hashtags and other marketing minutae. Going in circles about pricing. Dithering about oursourcing.

    I’ve been there. It’s lonely. And it doesn’t get the desired results.

    In The Pleiades, I want to give you the support you need and the connection I so often craved.

    I want your business to thrive. Whatever thriving looks like to you.

    When you have a team of trusted confidantes who understand why you are in spiritual business, you can shine your own light fully.

    You’ll feel more confident and know what to focus on and what’s not important.

    And the group will gently check-in on your progress towards your goals.

    So, come and join our wonderful group of grounded and gorgeous spiritual business owners, who are just like you.

    I think you’ll love it.

    Real testimonials

    Kylie, Kylie Savidge Psychic

    Sarah, Brisbane Tarot School

    “As a life-long esoteric practitioner, business owner and teacher, The Pleiades is an invaluable resource for me personally.

    It is a unique offering and it works through a cooperative energy, fostered by the ethos established by Kim, filtering through all encounters. The online format works well with my schedule.

    All individuals are not only encouraged, but supported and ‘seen’. Interpersonal communication within the group between members is exceptional and speaks highly of not only the facilitator but indeed those part of the community.

    If you are seeking growth, development, and support to help you succeed in achieving your goals, The Pleiades is well worth considering.”


    Expert magical mentoring

    Astrology lessons

    Monthly themed discussions

    Private discussion group

    Small supportive community

    Moon Magic course

    Dreams & Symbols course

    Access to video library

    Monthly and annual payment options available.

    Your questions answered

    I get it, joining a community is a bit of a commitment, but it’s so worth it. Here are a few of the common questions people ask about The Pleiades.

    Is this a course or something else?
    No. The Pleiades is not a course, it’s a shared experience! The membership offers a private space for peer support. You get access to a community of like-minded spiritual entrepreneurs who share information on topics that matter to you and your business.

    Do you have monthly themes?
    Yes, each month is themed around a business topic. This helps focus the conversations, invites deeper sharing from members, and helps you set appropriate goals for your business. Discussion topics are an invitation, rather than a limitation. You are encouraged and welcome to share whatever business matters you have on your mind as they arise.

    Who is the membership open to?
    Anyone who is running a spiritual business. You want peer support. I’ve gathered the peers. It’s a perfect match!

    What times are the calls and what if I can’t access them?
    Calls currently run on Thursday mornings Australian time (Wednesday evening in the Americas) which suits most of our existing members. Replays of the calls are added to the membership site so you can watch them at any time on any device. It is perfectly OK to watch the replays and participate asynchronously. You will still have plenty of opportunities to connect and enjoy the group.

    When does the membership start and finish?
    Your membership starts as soon as you sign up and ends when your membership expires.

    I hate Facebook; can I still join?
    Absolutely. I have a love/hate relationship with social media too. That’s why I host The Pleiades on Mighty Networks.

    Will payments automatically renew?
    Yes, your chosen membership option will automatically renew at the beginning of each new billing cycle.

    What are the Terms and Conditions?
    If you join The Pleiades your credit card will be charged a fee according to the chosen membership payment option. You are able to cancel your membership at any time. However, once processed, membership fees are non-refundable. If you choose to leave and later rejoin, you will pay the current advertised price.

    Is the group just for Australians?
    No, like the stars we’re named after, we shine all across the globe. Most of our current members are from Australia and North America but you can be from anywhere in the world.