Saturn in Pisces

Saturn is associated with age, so we’re all going to be asked to be mature in a new area of our life, wherever you have Pisces in your chart. Well, as mature as Pisces can be! That’s one of the beautiful things about Pisces is its innocence and idealism and a sense of possibility and imagination. But Saturn is about maturity. So how do we combine those qualities in a way that serves our highest good?

In Aquarius, and before that in Capricorn, Saturn was in the signs it ruled. Saturn is now leaving its signs of rulership and is about to plunge into the realm of emotions and, by nature, emotions are less able to be contained and sorted. Like water, they’re more free flowing.

A mature man with silver hair is hammering nails into wet sand and lapping waves. This is Saturn setting boundaries in Pisces.
Saturn setting boundaries in Pisces.


Saturn is about boundaries and they’re certainly much easier set in one’s mind, as a theory. It takes courage to set a boundary in a relationship to protect your emotional wellbeing.

Imagine a chain-wire fence along a beach to get a sense of how effective boundaries are against water. Similarly, the structures in the world around us are also likely to be more permeable and less rigid during Saturn’s transit through Pisces.

Saturn carries a social dimension so now that Saturn has moved out of the signs it rules for the first time in 5ish years, there will be a noticeable shift in society, a relaxing of certain rules and conventions.

Saturn is a consequential planet. You do something, and there’s going to be results and tangible feedback from Saturn. The kind of feedback that you’ll be getting from Pisces is likely to be more subtle than when Saturn was moving through Aquarius and Capricorn, which was a more direct statement of cause-and-effect.

With Saturn, you’ve got boundaries, limitations, constraints, cautions, discipline, structure, maturity, authority. These are Saturn words, but none of those words strongly apply to Pisces, which is ruled by philosophical, growth-oriented Jupiter. In a way, Saturn is chalk to Pisces’ cheese, and probably a soft cheese at that.

Saturn does have some dignity in Pisces in that first decan, so I would say as Saturn moves through the first seven degrees of Pisces, that’s likely to be the sweet spot of Saturn’s transit through Pisces.


A lot of what we accomplish (or don’t) will be a direct result of what we’re willing to work on (or not). The quality of relationships is important because a lot of water signs are invested in relationships and emotional entanglements, which require work.

Is it worthwhile to work on this relationship by exploring this boundary and finding where it is? Probably, but in some cases the answer will be no. You may also discover that it moves person to person and depending on how emotionally invested you are in maintaining that relationship, you may let some things slide.

Moodiness will drive a lot of what you accomplish (or don’t). Pisces is a mutable sign, so it’s very changeable. Melancholy could strike. Pisces is such an imaginative sign, and it’s driven by higher ideals. Saturn is all about reality. When reality and idealism smash up against each other, we often become away of the gap, and that could lead to depleted moods.

Pisces is a slippery fish, not so much a sign of hard work and action, so when you confront that gap between your reality and your ideal, you could just opt out – ‘who cares, just have a drink.’


Saturn in Pisces will help you tune into your being in experiential and concrete ways. You can deeply engage where you’re at emotionally with the challenges and the lessons and the tasks offered by Saturn. Profound opportunities to step into maturity and mastery will come up as Saturn moves through Pisces.

When the moon moves through Pisces and conjoins Saturn each month, that’s an excellent time to check in with yourself emotionally and explore what is present. Keep an eye on your mood, especially if you’re feeling melancholy, but don’t let that stop you from working on your relationships and exploring boundaries. Using the Moon as a regular prompt to check-in with your Saturn story helps you pause, feel, perhaps have a realisation and/or make a change, and then move on, rather than staying stuck with those feelings.

During this period, you may experience a feeling of sinking down, and in those moments, you may need to lean on your relationships with others. The compassionate nature of Pisces and the practicality of Saturn can offer a practical way for you to help someone else, and in the process, you can help yourself. With blurry boundaries, helping others can also help you.


Saturn in Pisces emphasizes discipline, which can be challenging in today’s world where we have so much to do. However, ‘discipline’ and ‘disciple’ have the same root word, and this transit offers an opportunity to get back to spiritual routines, including traditional religious practices if you have that in your background.

Saturn is a solitary planet, so it’s essential to have moments of inner spiritual reflection, such as through meditation or inner work. Personal reflection and inner work are more likely to bear fruit while Saturn is moving through Pisces.

This transit can also help with artistic practices by bringing discipline to creative processes, whether it’s painting, writing poetry, cooking, or gardening. We all have creative outlets, and Saturn can bring structure and rewards to these activities. However, there’s a flip side to Saturn, which is denial.

Introspection is always a tool to be used in moderation so, if you feel like you are becoming isolated and swimming in dark water, that’s your cue to seek out compassionate wisdom from a loved one or trained professional.


Saturn in Pisces is also a great opportunity to get in touch with any emotional vulnerabilities and fears that you may have been dealing with (or not dealing with). It’s an invitation to face reality and really look at those. Is this thing really as scary as I thought it was? Am I really a little snowflake? Saturn helps you get real.

There are opportunities there although it may be testing at times. Saturn in Pisces will help you realise that you can be sensitive and strong. You can delve into that psycho-emotional realm and ask yourself if your Piscean fantasy tale is true. Saturn will give you a straight answer.

Your Saturn in Pisces mission for 2023 is meditate, ruminate, and do the necessary soul mining.


Saturn moves into Pisces on 7 March 2023.

Remember, there is no rush to accomplish everything within a few months. This transit will last for about two and a half years so pace yourself. You have until May 2025 to work your Saturn in Pisces magic.

7 March 2023

18 June

20 June

4 Nov  

Saturn > Pisces 

Saturn retrograde starts 

Jupiter sextile Saturn 

Saturn retrograde ends

until May 2025

7 Pisces 12

7 Taurus/Pisces

00 Pisces 30

When Saturn changes direction, at the beginning and end of its retrograde cycle, Saturnian energy will intensify, especially around the seven degrees of Pisces and Taurus in June. This period will be intense and will ultimately point towards your Saturn in Pisces story, especially if you have planets or points around those degrees. This becomes more internalized when the planet is retrograde, but by the end of November, there will be some clarity about what needs to be done.

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