Magical community

I haven’t been posting on social media as much lately.

It’s too noisy, too superficial, and too addictive.

I also feel I’m devaluing my craft by participating in the desperate clamour for digital attention.

Maybe you feel the same?

Being an empowered witch, rather than lament the fate of humanity, I looked for a solution starting with my intention.

I want to be mindful and selective about where I focus my attention and I want to connect with like-minded people.

I want to have fun and feel inspired.

I want to make a meaningful contribution and connect with purpose.

Maybe you want that too?

I am passionate about sharing astrology and magic and wanted to create a space for engaging conversations with my clients, students, and readers – so I created my online membership community.

It’s hosted on the Mighty Networks platform. There’s no ads and no algorithms.

Just connection and sharing with those walking a similar path.

What is a membership community?

Essentially, it’s an online membership community but it’s also so much more.

The community is a magical melting pot where you can express the noctural parts of your being, drink from the rich, hearty brew of collective wisdom, and collectively co-create something wonderful.

What are the basic ingredients?

  • Lots of high-quality interactive content
  • Opportunities to learn and explore
  • Inspiration from fellow astrology + magic enthusiasts
  • Share your stories, experiences + ideas.

And that’s just the beginning!

There’s also courses and circles and other resources which help you live an amazing magical life, including:

  • Divine Spark (Astrology for Beginners)
  • Moon Magic for Modern Witches
  • Dream and divination symbol exploration
  • An online moon circle
  • Plus, selected guest teachers.

There’s a diverse group of magical people coming together in the online membership community so if you enjoy my work, I know you will love it. There’s a space waiting for you in this wonderful online community right now.

See you there!