Divine Spark: Astrology for Beginners (Online Course)

Divine Spark is an introductory astrology course, perfect for beginners and the astro-curious.

It’s also the perfect course, if you know enough to be dangerous but want to consolidate and clarify your understanding under the guidance of an experienced professional astrologer.

Over our 8-week learning journey, you’ll learn the basics of reading an astrological chart:

Week 1: What is astrology? Like, really?
Week 2: The Zodiac – and why there isn’t a 13th sign
Weeks 3 + 4: The Signs – including that one you can’t stand
Weeks 5 + 6: The Planets – who’s doing what and why
Week 7: The Houses – where it’s being done
Week 8: Putting it all together.

By the end of the course, you’ll have begun to read a birth chart and be happily tumbling deeper down the rabbit hole.

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Here’s what some of my previous students have had to say:

• ‘Kim provides clear and enlightened information regarding astrology, in a playful and transparent manner.’ ~ Meg

• ‘She rarely holds back, is extremely welcoming and fun to spend time with… Be ready for an awakening and lots of fun.’ ~ Kelly

• ‘Her knowledge is incredible and her delivery is easy to understand and incorporate. She is a pure joy to be around, savvy, witty and eloquent.’ ~ Jill

What you get:
* Expert astrological teaching and guidance
* Eight 60-min lessons on foundation astrology (plus the recordings)
* Rich online discussion to support your learning
* A copy of your natal chart, of course.

29 July – 16 September

Online via Zoom meetings + private Facebook group

Your investment:
$200 (AUD)

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Places are limited. For real. I like to keep my class sizes small and interactive to fully support your learning.