Venus retrograde in Gemini – May/June 2020

Have you done any star-gazing while lockdown in isolation or quarantine?

If you have, you might have looked to the west in the evening and seen Venus shining bright and beautiful. She’s been at her most brilliant because she has wandered as far as she can from the Sun and is no longer outshone by the big sky daddy.

All good things must come to an end and from 14 May, Venus will begin to make her way back towards the Sun. She will appear to travel backwards in the sky; what we astrologers call retrograde motion.

Unlike the retrograde cycles of the outer planets, Venus retrograde only happens every 18 months, meaning this is something of a rare opportunity.

Retrogrades have taken on some notoriety in pop astrology in recent years, but there is absolutely no need to dread the next few weeks.

It’s a time to do things differently. Withdraw from your relationships a little to check in with yourself about how relate, before throwing yourself back into the fray of human connection.

It’s also the perfect time to experiment with your personal and artistic aesthetics, and rediscover old pleasures.

Venus is about harmony. She brings things together through the principle of attraction. Like attracts like. This process occurs in relationships (all social connections, business or pleasure or familial or political, Venus is interested in them all!), aesthetics (art, beauty), and as it connects with what we want, Venus also speaks to our values.

Not necessarily financial value; it’s more about what we value in relationships, what we consider to be beautiful; although you can probably see how ascribing a dollar value to craftsmanship, rarity, social approval muddies the Venusian waters there.

Due to the retrograde, Venus will be in Gemini from 4th April until 8 Aug, much longer than her usual 3 weeks in a sign. We’re getting thorough education on what Venus in Gemini likes and dislikes. How does Venus create and attract harmony in the sign of the twins?

Gemini is a mutable sign so hanging on and being pinned down isn’t something she’s keen on. She needs freedom here, the ability to move and change her mind and play.

It’s a flirtatious placement, playful and wordy. Double entendres are extra amusing right now. Although, you do need to be careful that not too much commitment – or, eek! a binding promise of some kind – is read into that off-the-cuff remark.

Depending on individual natal chart placements, some people will struggle to understand the light and variable approach of Venus in Gemini and dismiss it as inconstant and superficial.

That’s missing the point. There’s room for all possibilities here. That’s the beauty of this transit. You can try before you buy and run, dance, and jump in that glass shoe to see if it is truly a perfect fit before you commit to moving into the castle and running a kingdom. It could be really boring…

Think back to June 2012 – which was a very special Venus retrograde as Venus crossed the face of the Sun (occultation) – for some hot thematic clues about what may reappear for you in coming weeks .

Venus is retrograde between 21° – 5° Gemini from 14 May to 26 June 2020.