New moon in Aquarius – January 2020

The new moon in Aquarius is the first lunation of 2020 that hasn’t been an eclipse.

This is genuinely fresh energy, out of sight of the challenges and opportunities present in Capricorn.

If you’ve been waiting for clear air to set yourself to work on your new year’s resolutions, this Aquarius new moon is a perfect time to get started.

Aquarius is an air sign and is ruled by Saturn.

Saturn is separating from the concentrated power of Pluto. The growing distance between these two planets resonate with the healthy intellectual distance of Aquarius.

Intellectual clarity is on offer with this new moon to get much-needed perspective on recent unsettling events.

You can’t wallow in the puddles of emotional fallout forever.

This new moon speaks of getting on with the job of creating the new world (or, more personally, your new world).

Mercury is co-present in Aquarius, moving away from the Sun. The messenger is taking progressive ideas out into the world.

While listening and considering the reponses received from the collective, Aquarius is a fixed sign so isn’t necessarily open to negotiation.

This fixity can help with you stay true to your ideals and ‘on message’. It’s perfect for sticking to those new year resolutions, which no doubt had a wobbly start during eclipse season and/or changing the world for the better.

Perfect activities under the Aquarius moon:

  • Cooperate with colleagues
  • Contribute to a group project
  • Make the world a better place through activism
  • Think globally, act locally
  • Get techy and upgrade your knowledge
  • Let your freak flag fly
  • Consider strange and unusual ideas
  • Invent an innovative solution.

Incoming energy:

  • Taking action on your bright ideas
    26 Jan, Mercury (15 Aquarius) sextile Mars (15 Sagittarius).
  • Adapting to creative friction
    27 Jan, Venus (17 Pisces) square Mars (17 Sagittarius).
  • Rose-coloured romantics recline
    27 Jan, Venus conjunct Neptune (17 Pisces)

New moon 5 degrees Aquarius:

  • Brisbane, 7:41 am, Saturday 25 Jan
  • Sydney, 8:41 am, Saturday 25 Jan
  • London, 9:41 pm, Friday 24 Jan
  • New York, 4:41 pm, Friday 24 Jan.