Lunar Eclipse in Cancer – January 2020

Unprecedented is a word, I’ve heard bandied around far too much lately, but this is the kind of word I need to describe the astrological events unfolding in January 2020.

The epic astrological shift underway is much bigger than your personal goals; although you can certainly work with the momentous planetary alignments to boost your ambitions.

Don’t get too attached to your new year resolutions though as they could quickly be scuttled by events outside of your control.

Control is a huge theme for 2020. Getting it, keeping it, and, for some, losing it.

The historic alignment of Saturn and Pluto coincides with a lunar eclipse (which can only occur when the moon is full).

When the sky dragon devours itself, the balance of power shifts.

As far as those new year’s resolutions go, eclipse season isn’t generally the best time to start new projects. There’s too much instability to rely upon your desired outcome.

Anything could happen, so make space for fate. Be receptive to the opportunities that come to you, even if they come to you disguised as crisis.

Opposite the eclipsed full moon in Cancer, the Sun is conjoined to Mercury in Capricorn, and flanked by another two pairs of “planets”: Jupiter cojoined Ketu (the dragon’s tail and south node of the moon), and, the epochal conjunction of Saturn and Pluto.

The mind/ego is confronted with an emotional transition, sacrificing old beliefs and traditional morals in the brutal crush for control.

Everything changes because it needs to change.

Be wary that your personal response to this collective/cosmic pressure is not fed by fear and lack.

The essential is enough.

Change is inevitable but being corrupted by fear is a choice.

You still have choices.

Rahu (the dragon’s head and the moon’s north node) is in Cancer and shows what you hunger for. Rahu in Cancer speaks of the hunger for belonging.

The eclipse of the moon shows that we may seek to satiate this hunger by dysfunctional means.

Do not let the horror of the harsh events that unfold on our small blue planet (and in your one big life) harden your heart.

Cruelty, brutality, and greed can be defeated with connection, compassion, and courage.

Be soft and strong like water.

Strong like water?


Water shapes rock.

Water is life.

Use the focused determination of the potent Saturn-Pluto conjunction to make an absolute and unwavering personal commitment to life-sustaining values.

Nourish and be nourished by your community. Lead with compassion. Listen to Earth Mother.

Lunar eclipse 20 degrees Cancer
Brisbane, 5:21 am (Sat 11 Jan)
London, 7:21 pm (Fri 10 Jan)
New York, 2:21 pm (Fri 10 Jan)
Los Angeles, 11:21 am (Fri 10 Jan)