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Month: January 2020

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    New moon in Aquarius – January 2020

    The new moon in Aquarius is the first lunation of 2020 that hasn’t been an eclipse. This is genuinely fresh energy, out of sight of the challenges and opportunities present in Capricorn. If you’ve been waiting for clear air to set yourself to work on your new year’s resolutions,...

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    Introduction to Astrology (Online Course)

    This series of introductory classes is perfect for beginners and the astro-curious. It’s also the ideal course if you know enough to be dangerous but want to consolidate and clarify your understanding under the guidance of an experienced professional astrologer. Over the six-week learning journey, you’ll learn the basics...

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    Lunar Eclipse in Cancer – January 2020

    Unprecedented is a word, I’ve heard bandied around far too much lately, but this is the kind of word I need to describe the astrological events unfolding in January 2020. The epic astrological shift underway is much bigger than your personal goals; although you can certainly work with the...

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