Full Moon in Gemini – December 2019

With no applying aspects to modify it, this full moon in Gemini expresses the pure intellectual exchange of the twins. Gemini is a dual sign, seeking social connection with another and also explores duality within the Self.

As a visual manifestation of the Moon in the sign opposite the Sun, full moons are often experienced most profoundly through our relationship to another or as a conflict within ourselves. Something outside of our conscious awareness is reflected back.

The ruler of this lunation is Mercury. Mercury is travelling with the Sun through Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a big-picture sign that struggles with the detailed orientation of the messenger planet.

Without a specific task or message, Mercury can get lost. Imagine trying to deliver an unaddressed envelope and you get the idea.

A message without an audience could be one expression of this Gemini full moon, so beware of an influx of unsolicited ideas.

Watch out for those sharing their pompous opinions overly enthusiastically and loudly. And, definitely try not to be that person.

If you do have something important to share, be sure to back it up with facts. Gemini loves facts. The quirkier the better.

Sharing small facts with a large audience is a much better activity under this full moon.

Perfect activities under the Gemini moon:

  • Learn – Under maximum lunar light in Gemini, your curiosity will be peaking so give your brain something to chew on. Learn a new skill. Read up on a topic you want to know more about. Entertain your intellect with a trip to a museum, gallery, or another interesting location with lots of varied displays.
  • Write – Put your feelings in words to help you get some healthy intellectual distance. Journal to release pent-up emotions. If you want to take it a step further, you could use your written words in a full moon ritual.
  • Chat – Talk to a friend or a stranger. Gemini is a dual sign and relies on the dynamics of a dyad/polarity to generate ideas. Talking to someone pings back your pong, giving you an alternate perspective and the opportunity to transform it into something new
  • Errands – You’ll have ample physical and psychic energy for plenty of short trips. So return library books and other borrowed items. Drop off the recycling. Check your media subscriptions. Catch up on emails.

Incoming energy:

  • Emotional longing motivates you to take action.
    Fri 13th Dec, Mars (16 Scorpio) trine Neptune (16 Pisces).
  • Exciting and positive changes in your material world.
    Sun 15th Dec, Jupiter (3 Capricorn) trine Uranus (3 Taurus).

Full moon 20 degrees Capricorn
Thursday 12 December 2019
Brisbane, 3:12 pm
New Dehli, 10:42 am
London, 5:12 am
New York, 12:12 am