Solar Eclipse in Cancer – July 2019

July’s new moon at 10° Cancer is also a super-charged solar eclipse. Wherever this eclipse falls in your chart, a larger solar-lunar cycle is beginning anew.

Rather than the regular four-weeks of a regular lunar cycle, the effects of this July’s solar eclipse will last for months (and possibly years!) depending on your unique birth chart and how you have engaged with the eclipse themes so far.

Yes, that’s right folks, how an eclipse season plays out for you is an unflinching review of how you’ve danced with your fate and your free will. As Dia from Planetary Clarity succinctly put it: “The places where we have done the work are paying off big time right now, but the things we’ve neglected are collapsing.”

As humans, we’re largely driven by unconscious motives. Eclipses send the dragons to Earth to confront us with the karmic consequences of our actions (or lack thereof). This is why eclipses are reputed to be ‘unpredictable’ and ‘bad’.

You don’t know what you don’t know. Hell, you might not even want to know, but the eclipses are going to bring it.

Being ‘unpredictable’, I would caution against hitching your magical intentions or timing specific events with this Cancer solar eclipse.

That said, there’s no need to hide under the covers avoiding life. The middle path is to cultivate a gentle receptivity to what the universe has to offer and to recognise the opportunities, temptations, and cautions that are presented to you.

A solar eclipse is the regular and predictable alignment of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. There’s nothing happening now that hasn’t already begun.

The solar eclipse of July 2019 is in the cardinal water sign, Cancer and offers a clean slate to initiate emotional engagement. It is a north node solar eclipse indicating that external events are likely to be an impetuous for the growth and expansion of your subconscious self and emotional awareness.

Cancer is a genuine and loving sign, characterised by a desire to protect and care. Cancer is also incredibly subjective and willing to follow through on their emotional impulses. Look to the condition of your natal moon for more information on how you will fulfil this sign’s mission during your life.

Being a north node eclipse, there’s a hunger for experiences that nourish the essence of the sign. You may notice at this Cancer solar eclipse that you become newly aware of your desire to nurture. It may be a new career direction you nurture, a relationship, or your financial security. Check your horoscope to see what sector is being activated for your sign.

Cancer, ruled by the moon, is driven to initiate intimacy.

Intimacy isn’t necessarily sexual, although that is one part of life where we can fulfil our desires for connection. Intimacy is the feeling of being safe and secure, to able to express the full range of emotions – including anger and fear – without the risk of ridicule or rejection.

Ideally, you’ll receive this feeling of belonging in early childhood and you’ll be able to recreate that sense of reliable connection in your adult relationships. Many of us were not so lucky in our formative years and were insecurely attached to our primary carers, adrift in an unpredictable and unsafe world.

The Cancer solar eclipse is an opportunity to rewire those baseline emotional patterns and check that your patterns for keeping yourself safe and protected are functioning well.

The Cancer  solar eclipse urges us to make progress and grow in a softer, safer, more inclusive way. Start the journey back home to yourself.

With Saturn conjunct the south node in Capricorn, there are likely to be obstacles on your path, memories that pull you back to the past you are trying to leave behind.

Bernadette Brady cautions that this eclipse is part of a series of eclipses linked to obsession:

“This is an over-excessive eclipse family. Its main theme being either news involving young people or news that transforms a situation. This information can cause worry or can cause the person to become obsessive. The individual may want to undertake large plans or activities which can be very positive as long as the individual doesn’t get carried away.”

The planet of obsession, Pluto, watches on with passive interest from the opposite sign of Capricorn. There’s a need for an absolute and final ending, a (most likely metaphorical) death experience, which may come to you this eclipse season.

Or it may take a little longer. There’s plenty of astrological action to play out across the Cancer-Capricorn axis in the months to come.

That’s not permission to put your head in the sand and delay the changes you already know you need to make.

Tune into the receptivity of the moon. She always knows when it is time.

What does the  solar eclipse in Cancer mean for your sign? Head to the horoscopes to find out. I’m also available for personal consultations.

New moon / Solar eclipse at 10° Cancer

3 July 2019, 5:16 am, Brisbane; Solar eclipse peaks 6:36 am

2 July 2019, 3:16 pm London; Solar eclipse peaks 4:36 pm

2 July 2019, 8:16 pm New York; Solar eclipse peaks 9:36 pm